Monday, September 10, 2007

Saiyuki Bowling Secrets

Monday, September 10, 2007

You know, my skin is starting to peel all over thanks to that one fateful day at the beach where I forgot to bring my sunblock. I feel like a decaying corpse.

I did manage to do everything I wanted to do on Saturday =) I went to the teacher's training thing for 2 hours only though because it was so boring. Honestly, I dislike speakers who are soft-spoken and tells us his/her flaws from the very beginning as if to excuse themselves from their soon to be boring lecture then proceeds to ramble on a million other success stories about people like them as if to justify themselves. Like.I.Care. Just get to the point.

So I decided to keep my bowling appointment with friends. I DROVE!!!! *beams proudly* Ok I tagged along behind Yun Yew's car but what the heck. I drove ok?! To BDC, Padungan, Kenyalang.... SEE, I know so many important roads now! Ha! After a few more rounds of driving and I'll be able to go out anytime I want to anywhere I want =D

6 of us went bowling which was me, Sha, Yew, Hsiang, Chiat and Jason. Went to Crystal Bowl at BDC there. I know all of you have been there before but this is yours truly first time there ok? Or to any bowling place for the matter. I joined the bowling club cuz Hsiang was president and I wanted a post hehe.

Had to pay 17 instead of 12 cause it was a public holiday. EXTRA 5 bucks. Planned on coming back some other day to sign up instead but my friends won't let me. I don't want to pay more got wrong meh??!!! =P

And we had to use their bowling shoes no matter what. I fully understand if we had to rent them if we didn't bring our own sneakers but to make it compulsory for all players even if we did bring our shoes??? Bloody stupid. HMPH! What's wrong with my gorgeous Nike shoes ar? Why should I spend so much money buying Nike when I still have to use some hideous smelly shoes of theirs? Mine is like SO MUCH better ok?! Prettier too. *flicks hair over shoulder with a look of contempt*

See....fugly shoes

Oh, and the guys had to buy some socks as they forgot to bring theirs. Too bad the place sells only cartoon printed socks like this:

*snickers* Yun yew's wasn't so bad. It was a purple Crayon Sin Chan sock. Jason wasn't so lucky though. I forgot what he got...Hello Kitty? Mashimaro? Something along that line. Were busy stuffing their socks all the way into their shoes. Didn't dare take a picture of them for fear they hunt me down =P


Sorry Yuli I didn't get a shot of Jason. Forgot. Hehe.

Yun Yew fiddling around with my compact

Don't buy Fasio. Sucks. I use the casing only. I've learned that the more expensive the cosmetic, the better the quality. This is true for most of mine la.


Went to watch "Secret" later......

SUPER NICE OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jay was so adorable! He's like the perfect guy. Have you seen the way he plays the piano?? *swoons* I finally got Nasha to like Jay too =) Awwww....I love it when he smiles <3

This movie is seriously nice. I thought it was just some typical romance drama like those Korean movies and fully predicted that the girl would die of anemia or something like that but it wasn't. It's a secret and I can't tell you the plot. You have to watch it yourself. Go to the cinema. Buy the DVD. Download it. JUST WATCH IT!

His acting has improved a lot too compared to Initial D where he was like a wooden stick that hardly talked. Wait, sticks don't talk. Figures. But he was so sweet here =D Jay is like the BEST Chinese singer ever and no one even comes close. I only listen to Jay. Have no idea on the rest of the Chinese singers out there. He is the only one that makes me wanna improve on my Chinese so I can understand what he is singing about without having to constantly look up the English translation for all his songs on the net ehehehe.

I SO LOVE JAY CHOU!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Anyway, on to other things. I know how to go to Kenyalang liao! Didn't see the pirated Saiyuki DVDs there plus EiChi said it has Chinese subs only and after hearing that I had no mood to buy anymore. I mean, it could be in African for all I care then. I need to read more Chinese *sigh*

So I did a silly thing and went to buy the original sitting on the shelf there. Because it looked very nice to me at that moment. Am regretting it a bit now. It was dual audio all right. As in Chinese as the dubbed version. Not kimochi. But the thing is it didn't state that there was Chinese audio. It only said Japanese on the cover......

SO YOU'RE TELLING ME THAT THE ONES IN SPEEDY I SAW LAST TIME WAS IN DUAL AUDIO (ENGLISH) TOO???? Just that it wasn't stated on the box?! I think I shall commit Seppuku or something if I discover it to be true and that I've just wasted my money buying the wrong thing. This is WHY I should be prohibited from shopping at times.... When it comes to things I really like I cannot think coherently enough.

Like these cute pink ball point pens I bought on the assumption that it was blue....

Only did I try using it at home did I discover that it was red inked pens. Dunno what to say anymore.......*SIGH* I kept looking at the cover like EIGHT times but have no freakin idea on why I DID NOT see the 'red' label on it. What am I going to do with 10 red pens???? 1 red pen already lasts me for 3 years or more. Anyone want a red pen out there?

I think I got compulsive shopping disorder. If Sha hasn't stopped me I probably would have went and bought a pair of new shoes and I am quite thankful that I could not find the poster shop or goodness know what I would buy in there. Plus the fact that the Jay Chou discs Ah Hsiang mentioned at Kenyalang was bought by someone by the time I got there preventing me from spending again.

It's not like I simply spend anyhow.....I hardly spend money on most stuff.....Just on the things I like....which is the root of the problem....*frowns*

GAAH! I should really do something about it. Don't go out? Avoid shopping malls? Put a lock on my wallet? Handcuff myself to Sha? Superglue my hands together? Scratch my eyes out?

Am feeling quite small right now......

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Hey, Tall Che!!
u ar.. everyday go out also never see u bring me out ever since u drive sommore..
ei.. find a day go out for drink s we hav nvr went out 2gether before.. find shorty che also la.. since i'm leaving after spm also.. n u urself too..