Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Wish I Was Artistic...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007
I think I'm falling in love again....

Somebody please stop me from entering this disastrous sure-fail relationship hor....

Because as much as I am starting to find LimKokWing University attractive it sure as hell won't ever give me a first glance, much less a second if it ever sees my mutated cow-dog sketch.

The one in Cyberjaya. So satt the design. I like.

I am HUGELY INSANELY JEALOUS of those people enrolled in LKW hor! You just look at their blogs....

Their rants on their classes are always full of interesting stuff like LifeDrawings, photography assignments at various places, fashion design, modeling, outings for their class studies, graphic design, create T-shirts for main Kuching events, can even look up nude photos on the pretext of learning how to draw realistic looking human body parts. In fact, it's what their teachers ask them to do.

If we do that, it's call porn BUT if they do that, it's call ART.

You see the advantages yet??? Ok, not like I wanna look up nude photos la okay, I'm JUST saying.... Artsy people can get away with everything. Take another example, if a group of art students were to strip and start dancing drunkenly around in a park, people would go "oh! They're just unleashing their creativity. It's a powerful statement on how we should be in tune with Mother Nature blah blah blah" but if imagine if a group of IT/law students were to do the same. Confirm sent to jail for indecent flashing.

I read the rest of my friends' blogs who are currently studying law/medicine/business etc. and what do I see? Tons of boring paperwork assignments. Never ending rants of TER99.5 points, 5b1, CC++, LAN, straight A blah blah blah till the point I'm starting to think that they're part of some 'taking over the world through Add Maths' evil plot. Then you see stuff like SAM, SAT, TOEFL, AUSMAT.....

I always thought SAM was some hot blond surfer guy in college with sexy blue eyes hor and TOEFL a kind of toffee. It's pronounced as 'toh-ffel' so tell me if it doesn't sound like some candy to you. SAT was supposed to stand for Saturday and nothing else. Only after a while did I figure them out to be college exams. Such a put off. I was so hoping to meet a SAM.

My future college life is starting to lose it's sparkle to me is accounting......

Back to LKW. As if not enough that I'm like so jealous of their colorful lives already they have to purposely move to Nanas Road where I have to see their huge attractive super inviting billboard right at the top of their school as I pass through that road everyday on my way home. I see their classes being held right out in the open with drawings everywhere. Then I see LKW students walking pass me carrying nothing but a sketchpad.


I wish I was born with an insane talent for arts. Did you see the Paradise Kiss costume design competition for animax? So satt ok. Artistic people seems to lead very glamorous lifestyles!!! Take the art schools in US I've come across online. Stuff like working with Hollywood producers, creating costumes for box office movies......GOT POSSIBILITY CAN BECOME FAMOUS!

Sometiems....sometimes hor....I feel like getting a full body surgery (watch too much 200 pounds beauty. The moral value is lost on me. All I got was before surgery=miserable life, after surgery=hot girl rules the world. My airhead part of the brain won over the practical side after seeing how much she could get away by just being pretty.) and plunge myself into the modeling world just so I can get a taste of those artsy people lifestyle.

Speaking of 200 pounds beauty, I don't buy the bloody moral value they are trying to sell me. Her prettiness still mattered in the end. Let's say while she was giving her sob story on stage about how plastic surgery made her lose her identity and is so not worth it blablabla and she were to suddenly revert to her normal fat self, would those people still be crying tears of compassion? Would her CD's still sell like hotcakes after that?

I think not.

Which just proves that pretty people gets away with everything. They can do as many stuff deem foolish in the eyes of the world and still get away with people's sympathies. Plus if one were to do plastic surgery and became hot she would still BE hot. You won't go "eww! Plastic surgery one! So ugly!" because you can't tell. Not like got stitches all on you forever to show the aftermath. And no matter what she is still hot. Like Dawn Yang. So plastic surgery is so worth it leh! =P half-considering getting my eyes done in California. Who knows? Might get extra chicken from KFC the next time I visit them lol.


faye said...

Heh. I used to feel like that too a couple years back. But Ive gotten over that stage. Sure art and creativity is a good thing but the world needs varieties. Everyone cant all be white collar professionals or arts people. Just do wat you feel like doing etc, even if you can't make the best out of it, not everyone has a stab at education, counting blessings really works.

SAM=self abuisuve matriculation lol. But honestly it isnt that bad, its like how ppl kept saying how add maths was so insanely hard but in the end it wasnt really.

I get the art thing lol. Ususally when im trying to draw the outline of a body i get ppl asking why im drawing porn. Lawl what the heck.

Try looking at deviantart. Thats how I got over my inferiority-coz-im-not-creative stage (even tho dA was the one that started it)

All the best man :)

Hana said...

Haha thanks. I'm still planning to stick to accounting because it's still what I'm interested in even IF I still think the creative world is still attractive lol.

DA is kinda depressing when you see all these awesome hand-drawn pics that makes you wish you could draw anythg the moment you pick up the pen YET somewhat comforting ALSO when you see pics that are below your drawing skills. HAHA.