Thursday, September 6, 2007

3 For RM12?!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mai kimochi!!! I heard EiChi bought like 3 different anime DVD sets at only RM12 at Kenyalang!!!!

Included is the entire 3 seasons of SAIYUKI plus the movie!

ENTIRE SAIYUKI SERIES!!!!! *boggle-minded*

Why bother downloading all Saiyuki episodes when I can buy them at such dirt cheap price? I can't even watch it on TV again....

THAT'S IT!!!! I am SO dropping by tomorrow to sapu whatever Saiyuki thing I see there and then make a little detour to Sarawak Plaza or was it Tun Jugah(?) to buy that Sanzo poster Abi saw there.

That is after I finish my Sunday School teacher training in the morning which some uncle sign me up without asking me first (seriously! All church members including my parents like to simply sign me up for whatever Christian courses or trainings out there and just expect me to go just lidat! Quite annoyed at times. How you know I no hot date that day leh? You could have ruin my future love life....Hmph!) and then join Ah Hsiang them for bowling at goodness-knows-where then watch Jay Chou's 'Secret'.....

AI SI! Got so many things meh?!!! Toot la! How am I going to go to Kenyalang lidat?!

Don't care! Shall try to find time to slot in my little Saiyuki detours....

I know I said I should stop spending but whatever, this is Saiyuki alright?! Shall figure out how to deal with my guilty conscience later.

The DVDs are from China I so love you China! If I keep buying your stuff would you make me your citizen? I promise I shall learn my Chinese kao kao and continue to support you. Now before you start belittling me about buying 'China goods'.... Look here people, the entire original 3 season+movie is selling at USD500 like that whereby here I can get it for less than RM12. Go figure.

*Finally know what 'ulam' is. Kept reading it in various Malay textbooks and finally can say I've seen and eaten one. Met my Muet teacher holding a plate of ulam and was offered a plant like thing. Honestly, I felt like a grass-munching cow. It tasted like grass although I've never tried eating grass before but I am sure that grass tastes like that. Got grassy smell leh. It's not that bad after you dip it in sambal and some other spicy sauce lah. Then again, anything dipped in spicy sauces tastes nice to me. Love spicy food! =P*

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Faye said...

I wont get my hopes too high, if its from kenyalang most anime are either old-character chinese subbed, cantonese dubbed, poor-english-grammar subbed....or something. Fansubs rule. XD