Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Day At The Beach

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Finally done collecting all those beach photos from friends. Yes, yes I shall now blog about my trip to Damai last Friday which was also Hari Merdeka. This year's Merdeka the BEST because for once I get to relax and enjoy myself immensely. I am patriotic ok? Just not enough to be willing to lose a limb when a fight breaks out at Padang Merdeka where the celebrations are usually held. Oh as for our class Merdeka skit for which I was asked to write the script for, we got 2nd. Under less than four hours of practice. Must haolian haolian abit =P

Free advice: If you plan on going anywhere with friends, make sure you bring at least one blogger with you. Why? Because said blogger would snap pictures after pictures until the memory card is full. You can just sit back and relax while he/she snap away. None of my non-blogger friends bothered to take out their cameras at all and would probably end up photo-less if I weren't there. I went through like all 3 memory cards during this trip.

But no way am I editing all pictures. This one post is going to take me at least 3 hours to finish. Seriously, blogging isn't as easy as I thought it would be.

This time we limited the number of our group to 6 but WINSTON canceled at the very last minute hor! Leaving 5 of us only. Ahem. You know or not ar Wins, that half of the tuna sandwiches you prepared for us didn't have tuna inside or not? I wonder what were you daydreaming about hehe.

Oh! Oh! I made chocolate brownies!!! Darn, forgot to take pic. Toot. Cannot even show off now.

Anyway we didn't want a huge group like the usual because we just wanted some peace and quiet which never happens when there is a huge crowd. Not to mention that half of our usual gang are all happily studying abroad....

Breakfast at some random coffee shop

Was raining during the entire journey to Damai. Sang ourselves insane to Jay Chou. Speaking of Jay Chou, I WANNA WATCH "SECRET"!!!! I know! As Jay Chou most ardent fan I'm supposed to have watched it eons ago but but but I was busy and so were my friends. Was supposed to watch it today but Sha feeling moody so canceled. Now I moody =(

Typical "I'm at the beach. Yay!" pose

Guy version...

Yes, my pink umbrella. Cute le =D

Ahem. Paris Hilton wannabe.

Yalar, yalar like so shu nu one this pic. Kinda dislike it because of that very factor too. Crooked stance....'V' sign half bended signifying lack of strength...stupid half toot smile...So UGH!

But my legs looks skinny here so please let me immerse myself in my disillusioned world to fool myself into believing that I am that skinny. If only for a moment.

Yes, you're probably wondering just what has gotten them so excited...

It starts with a 'C'

No, it's not a C-cup bikini babe...

Crab.... -_-

As if not enough.....

Their self-made fishpond. That is a catfish.

Note to future beach-goers: "Bring a darn bucket and a shovel". You'll need it. That and a mat for you to place your stuff, SUNBLOCK!!!, don't wear white pants if you're a girl, no black shirts unless you plan to have a heat-stroke, delete all OLD photos in your camera first, charge your phone the night before, bring a HUGE bottle of water....

You will thank me for telling you all these hor...

Whilst the guys were busy with their fishy friends, Sha and me took the opportunity to camwhore =)

Eh, beach la ok? PERFECT!

We needed one more girl la! Realized that halfway through our vainness when we had difficulty positioning the camera and stuff. Ever since Leelee left us, we never found a replacement. It has always been me and Sha all over again. We need one more girl....*sigh*


Can NEVER get the 'stick out tongue' pose right!

Sian bor! Why other girls can execute that act so perfectly? They secretly practice in front of the mirror at home hia? *tries to stick tongue out again* Front? Side? Or what?

Just logged into Friendster and am assaulted by an onslaught of 'act cute' pictures. Gah. Dislike 'act cute' people. Especially when they tyPe LyK DiisH shO cAn bii beLi bEli KeWt!!!!

Me and Sha shall now try to attempt this whole ridiculous 'act cute' trend...

"Peace sign smack dab on face+pursed lips" act cute pose 1

"Face boxing+half sad face" act cute pose 2

"kelian+mysterious happy daydreaming facial expressions from top view" act cute pose 3

We were supposed to continue on with the 'poke cheek with finger' and 'scrunched up cheeks' poses but fell apart laughing by then. Honestly, like dumb blond ok? I cannot believe why some girls would want to reduce themselves to some amoeba brained clones. If you're cute you're cute no matter how you simply acting it out is just so 'act cute' and ugh...

Ok, enough act chio photos! Back to normal 'crazy noisy girls=fun' photos....

I LOVE Sha's sandals!!!

Sha purposely take for me one saying what this angle so perfect so die die also must put....



I swear it's SI BEH SONG at the beach ok?! SO RELAXING!!! The quietness! Omg, wanna drown ourselves in it.

Kept wriggling about in our deck chairs every few minutes to moan about how 'song' the atmosphere is over there. Serene. Surreal. Ethereal.

Whatever you call it, it's a glimpse of paradise to just lay like a sloth on the beach doing NOTHING but soaking up the warm gentle rays of the sun and tuning out all your worries. Feel the cool breeze and hear the tinkling sound of overlapping waves........


The guys' completed sand pond. Looks like a *cough*toilet bowl*cough*. Yun Yew took like forever to painstakingly carve out our names in that little block of sand beside the pond. Oh, they managed to catch altogether 3 baby fishes. For what I also dunno. Not like we can BBQ them with sambal sauce.....

"We Were Here"

In the afternoon, we left our packs at Damai and went over to Permai for some fun. Turns out we had to pay RM5 each. Toot! Why must pay? To see what? THE FOREST? Something I can see everywhere in Sarawak for free? Stupid rule. It's not like we're staying there. Plus we have to pay for any other offered facilities or activities should we decide to use them.


Waste of money. We all agree one.

Played around with the obstacle course for a while before a guard shooed us off demanding we pay if we wanted to use it. Very pissed off by then. Am hot, tired, thirsty and 5 bucks poorer for nothing.

Crossing Style 1: Daredevil

Crossing Style 2: Baby

Crossing Style 3: 'Da4 Siao3 Jie3' (Pampered Princess)

Eh, very high up leh! I crossed too. Using style no.1 but like I said, non-bloggers don't bother to take pics so no pics of me fearlessly crossing the plank of wood. Sha used the 'butt by butt' method to get across the higher plank. In other words, moving sideways slowly with her butt. Haha. She was determined to take a photo mah.

The sloping wooden thingy where you have to propel yourself upwards to the other side. Suffered a million scratches in trying to do so. Only Yun Yew and Hsiang made it. Um, don't have pic of Hsiang cuz he slid down too fast for me to snap a shot of him.

Went to Damai Lagoon for 10 minutes.... The beach is so much cleaner and prettier compared to Damai Beach which is chocked full of debris during high tide.

Sunnies. Love this pic! <3>Group shot. All worn out!

Returned to Damai beach and headed straight for the hill-top pool. Before that, must climb like a thousand stairs! So not kimochi! Was busy 'kimochi-ing' all the way up the insane stairs...


Erm, shall not post the other pool shots because those are more private. Either that or the people in the pics might not be so happy if they saw it on the net. Ha =P

Returned to the beach one last time to take pics....

Remember High School Musical? Where they all jumped in the air? We tried that too but failed quite a number of times. Lazy to post the not good ones. So far, this is the best (too bad no Ah Hsiang inside cuz he's taking the pic):


Walking towards the sun. *Wait! Where's the sun???*Another common beach picture. After taking a second look, it could also be mistaken for a group suicide pact le! People kept staring at us weirdly when we took all these pictures but who cares. Damn satt right? =)

Ok, blogged for 4 hours straight not including editing of the photos. Tired. Have to re-sit for my econ test tomorrow as I was sick on Monday. Didn't need to but my stupid mouth went and opened on it's own to ask for a re-test.

Never mind, I've studied it before many times in the past already, going to revise one last time before I'm off to bed.

Wish me luck!

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