Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Mind-Jolting Comment

Wednesday, September 26, 2007
A comment on my previous CPR post:

Domassism said...

I KNOW CPR. hahaha *gloats* btw, x comes after w. XD

Note the second sentence.

Crap. This is not good. My bimbo blogging self in starting to rub off onto my real self liao.
How could I forget that 'X' comes after 'W'?????? Must I constantly sing the 'ABC' song to remind myself which letter comes after which???

Fine so I do recite the song when it comes to arranging names according to the alphabetical order but that is only for the later part after 'P'. I simply cannot remember the back order of alphabets. Thank goodness for the song. I bet MANY people out there rely heavily on this song too so don't you dare laugh.

My intelligence is at stake here. This blogging thing is starting to get dangerous.

Anyway, if you must know, after 'sewing machine' was 'sharpening hand tools' so no, there was still no 'sex' in there. Useless book I told you. Novels are more useful in cases like this.

By the way, I notice that all of you (except Dom) failed to notice my mistake too. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I'm so not the only airhead here then. Now that is somewhat comforting XD


Jolyn said...

HANA! haha. i thought i'm the only who needs to recite the ABC song each time i use dictionary! haha.. and YES, also the letters after P. it must have some curse that TALL people (know i'm not that tall, but at least i tower over abi! hahahahaha) cannot remember alphabets! haha.

oohh.. if you happen to forget again, remember my initials are JWXY! haha. it's so easy. i can only remember WXY in such order cos of my name. else, i think i'd make the same mistake.

cheers for people who need to recite ABC everytime!!

Hana said...

LOL. Yay for the ABC song!!!

Haha useful initials leh! I think next time I should name all my children starting from P onwards. And if each child have four initials in their names that means *sings ABC song starting from P while counting with fingers* Hmm...11 alphabets left. Divide by 4....4X3=12....AHA! So I shall give birth to 3 children then.

LOL.Thanks for the wonderful idea XD

Jolyn said...

Haha! but that also depends on your future husband's surname la hor!

takkan u want to name them something.. like Priscilla QRS! haha. i dunno. Priscilla just pops out. and hhmm.. where got chinese surname starts with Q one? or you want ang moh? haha!

Hana said...

Oh yeah. forgot the surname thing....

Oh well...just means that I have to marry 4 husbands then...

Ha I'm so smart.


Jolyn said...

HAHA! wei..only malay men marry 4 wives la. where got chinese women marry 4 husbands? yida yida..haha

Hana said...

No right? I'll be the first! Go into Books Of Records! haha. Four handsome husbands here I come!!!