Thursday, August 30, 2007

Prayer Works

Thursday, August 30, 2007

For those who claim that prayers doesn't work.....You got to be kidding me.

You all don't know it but my camera charger has been missing for months meaning I had to borrow either my dad's or my sis's digicam whenever I go out with friends resulting in them getting quite peeved at me for quite sometime now.

No matter how hard I look I simply CANNOT find my charger hor ever since my trip back from KL. I search the entire house and every single nook and cranny wasn't spared either but to no avail.

Sad to say, the thought of praying for the miraculous re-appearance of my charger never cross my mind during the whole 3 months. Usually I do pray for every minor or major thing but this time I didn't ok? It just didn't register in my mind to pray for this particular incident. Don't say me liao! =(

Until today. Cause tomorrow I'll be going to Damai and this time both camera owners above refused to lend me theirs (stingy!) and my cam's battery already flat like what. So I search again and was about to scream in exasperation when I wearily thought what the heck "I'll pray" and no sooner did the word "Amen" leave my mouth did I found myself staring at my stupid charger right in front of me.

I cannot believe I didn't see it for THREE WHOLE months hor! RIGHT THERE ON THE BAR COUNTER! In the corner but fully visible (right next to the water filter). I search that place like 200 times and never once did I see it. My family didn't either and for goodness sake my mum fill the water pitchers like EVERYDAY from that filter and she said she didn't see it either.

My parents are all like "ah see la! Don't want pray la. If you didn't I bet 10 years later you won't see it either." And for once I have nothing to say back.

I rest my case. Prayer works. In your face you skeptics. So happy! *skips around in joy* Can take tons of pictures tomorrow!!!! =D

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