Saturday, September 29, 2007


Saturday, September 29, 2007
Everywhere I go I see Chipster. So finally I gave in to my failing diet plan and went out to get myself a packet.

Then there is the competition. Seeing as I won't be getting my dream silver convertible anytime soon I might as well settle for a Macbook, iPod or cellphone right?!?!?! Here's the pic I created:

In case you cannot see, I'm trying to assume a 'hao lien don't care' face that cares for NOTHING but Chipster alone hor. Even to the point that Brad Pitt himself (sexiest man alive) isn't enough to pry me away from my precious Chipster. I wanted to put Jay Chou leh but my sis said Hollywood stars more powerful so Brad Pitt it is!

Creative no? Say yes la ok! I didn't even bother to put on make-up as the deadline is like tomorrow so I immediately chiong to snap a picture and photoshop it to the best I can.

Make my dream come true by voting for me can? Pretty pretty please????? I could so use a Macbook or an iPod. I know you want to vote for me lah. No need shy hehe. So go to to VOTE FOR ME NOW!!!!! I'm on PAGE 4!!!! Urm, I think the voting session starts from Oct1-15. My username is Hana. Can vote for me like everyday again! Can? Can? Can la hor. Thanks! *beams*


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