Thursday, August 30, 2007

Totally Amazing Cosplays

Thursday, August 30, 2007
People keep asking me if I did went to Kuching Fest and saw the cosplays there and the answer is no. But I saw the pictures and.......I have nothing much to say. Mainly because I'm still in Kuching which is within 'beating up' distance to those cosplayers should I manage to offend them with whatever I want to say.

All I have to say is this: If you don't look a bit like the character, DON'T COSPLAY LAR! If you're fat, get a fat character and not some slim bishie. Spoil character nia. Instead of going "ooh, Gaara! or "Look Lavi!!!!" all I wanna say is "What. the. hell. *twitch* That is supposed to be Allen from D.Gray-man??!!" before proceeding to burst into peals of laughter and nasty comments.


Because I haven't finish editing the pictures for my other post and the fact that I would be going to Damai with friends tomorrow leaving me no time to blog much and another fact that my blog has no pictures at all lately, I will post a series of pictures of what I deem as 'worthy' cosplays. Yes, those awesome and amazing cosplay pictures that makes you wish you could cosplay like them.

Most of the cosplays I'm gonna show you are Chinese from either China/Taiwan/Hong Kong. The best race to cosplay so far. Westerners should be forbidden to cosplay. They look nothing like the character (unless the anime is Western styled like Emma or Witch Hunter Robin) and some are plain obese and the image of them in those skimpy anime costumes is just *shudders*

I've posted some of them in the Akiyame before but since some of you don't do there (you should) I post here lor. If you don't like anime you can still ogle at those gorgeous pretty girls below. If you like anime and are sick of lousy cosplays too like me, enjoy =P

Final Fantasy:




Paine, Rikku, Yuna

Tifa Lockheart

Cloud Strife

The hair.... Awesome!

The Black Guy (forgot the name)



Ahem. You see first picture already photoshop till so damn satt lidat!

The photoshop! The background scenery! This IS what all cosplayers should do with their pics.

TMD SO FREAKIN ALIKE CAN?! 98% like the disc cover!!!!

It's really a cosplay ok! In the beginning I thought he cheated and just photoshop his head in but after comparing it to the CG-ed one, it's really REAL! Look closely and you can see that his head is not tilted as low as the original pic (in case you people mistook him for the CG) and the texture of his clothing and hair is not as smooth as the CG one.

The original pic:

I still have lots of other FF pics of them but I cannot post all lar. I saw plenty but they are not that good (the outfits and scenery and photoshop were fantastic but the face not so alike) so I didn't save them. Sorry.

Jigoku Shoujo:
Emma Ai


Hone-Onna & Emma Ai

Ichimoku Ren

Death Note:

Yalar, his hair not white. Lazy to photoshop it white for him. Cosplayer fault for being color blind.

L and Light

More anime style L. Most L cosplays look like the movie version L instead.

Amane Misa









Kuchiki Byakuya

Ichimaru Gin

Hinamori Momo
Fine! I know she too thin to be Hinamori. But so? She's so pretty so I put.

Ok lar, nah! Chubbier Hinamori. More like her now?

Matsumoto Rangiku

Melancholy Of Suzumiya Haruhi:






Fate/Stay Night:
Rin Tohsaka

Kingdom Hearts:



Heart Heart Heart <3

The expression wrong!!! Where got Goku so ke lian lidat! If only he got the expression right then he/she would make a nice Goku....

I know I said totally amazing cosplays only but heck, I LOVE SAIYUKI ok and this is by far the nicest set of Saiyuki cosplayers I've found so I'm posting them whether you like it or not.

And since EiChi like Goku so much then nah, 2 more pics:

I still think he can work more on the expression part.



Expression a lil too fierce. Sigh. the rest of the pics even more fierce. He should be smiling cockily instead.

Until now I cannot find a perfect Sanzo cosplay =( I can never find super nice cosplays of my favorite characters like the Hitachiin Twins too hor. Too hot to be cosplayed perfectly, must be =P

You know how many horrible Sanzos I went through or not? My eyes! Even got obese American girl play Sanzo. GAK!!! You should see Abi's angmoh Sanzo at her blog LOL. So freakin bai. I agree with her. Anime Sanzo the hottest =P But this Sanzo cosplay is by far the nicest liao =P

Honestly, girl or guy??? I simply cannot tell with cosplayers! She/he don't really look like a guy leh. But say if he/she was a girl then how the hell did she get her chest that flat???
And why no robe-wearing Sanzo?


*For the last time, I do NOT endorse smoking and violence. I really cannot stand cigarette's smoke and no one should own a gun except the army and the police. It's an anime ok. I don't want later you people get the wrong impression from my blog and start spreading fallacious gossips about me*

Ok enough! If I put everything up this post will never end! Nice hor the cosplayers? This baru can call cosplay. I know you people are going to ask me where I find them but I don't wanna tell you XP

K lar, tell you lah....

The catch? It's all in Chinese. So unless you're really fluent in the language and don't mind having a gazillion Chinese words staring back at you then browse to your heart's content. The anime titles are all in Chinese too so go figure what is what.

Or you can do what I do. Use BabelFish and translate the whole page into English muahahaha. If you're really pro in your Chinese (unlike me) use China Google to search for the cosplays you want. Got like TONS of sites but like I said I see so many Chinese words I feel sian so I didn't bother to click around much.

Oh and one more thing....some of the sites have somewhat salacious thumbnail pics on the sides of the pages but I trust that you won't click them. Just stay on the cosplay page la and everything would be fine. If you wanna click them then I dunno, not my problem.

Happy Browsing =)


May22 said...

walao le. the pics i gotta look twice to make sure they'r real ppl instead of CG. =) nice!!

let me start wit saiyuki la! erm. sanzo = hot.
hakkai = hot!!!! (looks like er..i forgot the name..the voice of tamaki)

Goku = the hair is all weird man.
Gojyo = looks like a drag queen. lol.

I LOVE NANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tifa's boobs not big enuf. lol.

like..i love sanzo!!!!!!!!!!!

Hana said...

the voice of tamaki? u mean the seiyuu? Yea gojyo all wrong. the expression so damn off. Hakkai the nearest liao. Nevertheless Sanzo always my no.1 XP

Too freakin hot!

Nana so pretty hor. Haha Tifa boobs wasnt that big in the movie leh =P

May22 said...

aiya its big~~~ i dunno y i nvr liked tifa. squall n rinoa is da best!! haha.




Faye said...

OMG FREAKIN AWESOME COSPLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XDDDD Ive seen some of them before but damn i could look at them a million times and not get tired. Good cosplays are like chocolates, you never get sick of them :)