Tuesday, August 21, 2007

8 Facts About Me

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tagged by Faye. Bo su zho. So I write.

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8 facts about ME :

1) I always wish I could be thinner then whatever size I currently am. Have this obsessive thing about thinness. Forever on the pursuit to be thinner than I already am. I don't care if you people keep saying I'm so skinny already and that I'm insane for thinking I'm fat. I STILL think I could be A LOT thinner. You're all skinnier than me you toot still dare say you want to be like me. Liars. I'm fat liao ok! Like 1000kg liao! I WANT TO BE THIN DAMMIT! I WANT UZAP! Ahem! December 18. *cough*My birthday*cough* (hint hint)

2) I ABSOLUTELY HATE TALKING ON THE PHONE. Do not bother to call me to chat unless you're comfortable with the long silence on my side. I just dislike talking on the phone okay?! Face to face I have no problem and could yak the whole day away if I know you well but phone? Forget it. Even if Jay Chou were to call me hor I probably wouldn't have anything to say to him also. Ok that'll be because I'll be squealing my head off asking him to marry me =P

3) I dislike stupid lame sex jokes found in dumb hollywood movies like Norbit and others (never got past the first 15 mins for all those movies). Ecchi in animes. So people please! When you introduce me to an anime hor, please tell me beforehand if there is any partial nudity la, loose morals la (no my Saiyuki don't count because...urm...JUST BECAUSE ok), yaoi/yuri/slash or whatever stupid thing ok?! I don't want to download the entire bloody anime and find that halfway throughout the anime it starts to get hiao or whatever and I have to delete them all (A waste of my dl time when I could be dl other better clean-cut animes). I want to be conservative, SO?! Besong izit?! In my opinion, all movies and novels could do without those keh-liao (implied) sex scenes. Spoil storyline nia.

4) I dislike people who are so obviously WRONG but thought they are right and proceed to do the whole project their way which *surprise surprise* went down in flames in the end. Never take our advice again which is so obviously useful if you can see things OUR (read better) way. Ha. Say me hao lian but I'm just better in some things ok. What? I'm supposed to go "no la, I'm very cacat in this *insert area of expertise*" when I'm so obviously good at it?!

Which brings me to another point. I dislike overly modest people. You know those type of people who draws gorgeous pictures and when you praise their work, instead of saying thank you hor they start saying "no la. very ugly la. your's better" incessantly? *my cow looks like mutated dog ok so stuff your fake flattery* You think you lidat very modest izzit?!?! Because you're WRONG! You're downright insulting. By saying the drawing I've just praised beautiful as ugly you're inadvertently saying my taste in judging pictures suck la! Ar but den? So next time when people praise you for something just smile and say thanks la can or not? Talented also got wrong meh?

Of course I'm a noob in other things like computer programming and stuff but hell my motto in life is "flaunt what you have" =P That and "it never hurts to ask". If you don't, you'll never get anywhere.

5) I so DO NOT have a lot of dislikes. Don't simply say! It's just the things I actually like are very little.

6) I want a lil doggy. WANT! WANT! WANT! Since dinosaur years! But no, my parents forbid me from having one. They like fishes. Pah! Who like fishes? So boring. Good for eating with sambal sauce nia.

7) I once forgot how to write my Chinese name during Form 4. Don't laugh. I asked my friends to test me on my Chinese the other day and it was only then I realize how cacat I've become when I discover I couldn't even write out all the names of the animals in the Chinese zodiac. I even forgot how to write "pig" ok! And monkey, rabbit.....I cannot even write the simplest word like 'mouth' and 'nose'. The first chapter in Primary 1. Oh I can read Chinese, have not much problem with that (note that this does not mean that I understand what I've just read) but when it comes to writing I suck. And I hate it. I'm not proud to be a banana ok. I want to speak damn good Chinese like those China people! But first I have to get over my aversion of seeing pageful of Chinese words. I see so many Chinese words I immediately feel sian. Which is why until today I never to manage log into Baidu (because I cannot find the log-in button in the mass of chinese words) to download Chinese songs. Not like I can read the title anyway. Just simply tembak and hope for the best that the songs I sisua download turns out nice.

8) I am materialistic at times. But then again everyone is materialistic at a certain point. Who don't want a silver sports convertible (my future dream car) you tell me? I know I should stop wanting stuff because the bloody list never ends so that's why I've refrained from going to shopping malls liao. Shopping is very how to say....like in dreamland lidat. I'll be like "EEEE! Saiyuki! Pink stuff! Necklaces! Earrings! JAY CHOU!" then buy said merchandise in a dreamy stupor until I get home where the magic is gone then I'll be like "Now why the freak did I buy THAT!" and guiltily stuff those things in my drawers never to see the light of day again. Why Kuching no garage sale one??!!! I have tons of things to sell le! Who knows I could be rich from that and then I'll be able to buy my convertible le? OK I SHOULD STOP WANTING STUFF!!! Grr....stop brain! stop I say! Begone with you! I mean the material thoughts NOT my brain.

I tag:

1) Ha!
2) I
3) Break
4) Your
5) Silly
6) Rule!!!
7) HOW
8) LE?!

Don't give a toot on who I should tag. Most people dislike doing tags anyway. I'm only doing this because I have nothing else to blog about and I'm up to my nose in uncompleted assignments. Who cares about the rules. This is my blog so any rules that conflict with my rules are deemed obsolete.

Plus I'm trying my hand at writing an essay for the essay competition held by Japan. I want the city annual shield thing. Whatever it is. And if I win (long shot but a girl can dream) I might get to go to Japan (grabs the nearest wishing star demands it grant me my wish) for the award ceremony. I JUST WANT TO GO TO JAPAN OK?! And I would go to any lengths to get myself there.

Toot the English dubbers of Saiyuki Reload!!! Change voice cast for what?! They make my Sanzo sound like moron now. tmd. I want my old Sanzo back!!!! Switching back to Japanese. Eh, the graphics so much nicer compared to Gensomaden. Sanzo looks hotter! XD

Ok enough anime. Hou Kee came back from Russia. Silly toot didn't call me until just now hor! Don't take you out liao! Fine, so I don't exactly know my way around Kuching roads...SO? Yes, I'm a noob in road directions. You can laugh at me now. Hmph! They all look the same to me. I insist on GPS system in all cars! You government people you hear me? Got election coming up soon right? I promise I vote for you if you install this system thingy or put up HUGE billboards everywhere stating exactly where the toot I currently am now =D

I know my tags all very loso one but hey you people keep saying you have nothing to read so I post long long so you can read till you sian. Haha. I've minimize the use of grandiloquent words like what some of you people wanted liao hor. Sorry mah, when you learn so many new words in SAT you can't help but use them unconsciously and forget all the old terms and phrases you used to use =P

Ai si! I keep 'skullifying' Abi's blog for her till I suddenly find skulls more and more appealing ki. Neh, I mean those cute pink ribboned and heart-eyed skulls. It's like cute and dangerous in one lethal combination. I want a cute skull earring like Eileen's. Quite nice!

Wait. I just used 'want' again. Sigh. This is HARDER than I thought. Oh freak it all, I should just go live in a jungle or something for a month or so. Maybe that'll cure me of my endless wants.

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