Saturday, August 4, 2007

Litterbugs And Airheads

Saturday, August 4, 2007
Was busy these few days with tests, cooking sessions, being my family's driver, youth stuff and lots more hence the lack of updates. I just discover something recently. You know what I despise more than litterbugs? Yes, I mean those crass people who think flinging rubbish over their backs is cool. I HATE THOSE TYPE OF PEOPLE!!!! They are nothing but disgusting characters who ought to live in rubbish heaps themselves. Yeah, their actions are equivalent to those stray dogs that leaves a trail of shite all over the place. In fact, I wouldn't be surprise if those litterbugs does the same seeing as they have never heard of a rubbish bin, I seriously doubt they would have heard of a toilet bowl as both kind of fall into the same category.

Do you know guys who does that? Gawd, how I dislike them. It does not matter how cool you dress if you go around flinging your unwanted stuff all over the place. In fact under the cool exterior, underneath you are nothing but full of shite. It's as unsightly as Angelina Jolie picking her nose in her sultry academy awards gown. You get my point yet you rubbish-flinging-moron? It's even worse when a girl does the same. How hard is it to deposit your trash into a dustbin?! What? Trying to justify that who needs dustbins if the chicken bone you just threw on the ground would soon disintegrate into dirt? Cue toilet bowl example. Go dig a hole in your garden.

But wait, I was talking about something else before the digression above. As I was saying, what I despised most is girls who can't cook and are proud of it. What is there to be proud of besides basically proclaiming that you are nothing but an untalented, worthless sloth who couldn't be bothered? You know what I find ridiculous? The excuses they give.

"I don't need to cook as long as I have the money to eat out or hire maids to cook for me." *inserts snotty look* Bloody hell. That's like saying I don't need/wish for boobs as long as I have the money to get implants. Money can solve everything what. So you're perfectly satisfied when your cooking skills remain nil but filled with despair when you won't grow breasts. But seriously, what's there to despair about if we follow your impeccable theory? As long got money enough right? Just get new implants every few years. Can decide which cup to get each year again like deciding at which restaurant to dine. But you say it's different, natural and implants are different you wail. Well you hypocrite, same goes for cooking.

It's not the money factor. It just boils down to your laziness and your pathetic attempt to cover it up. I don't expect you to cook gourmet meals. At least learn how to fry an egg, fish and a few dishes of vegetables. For goodness sake, learn how to use the rice cooker la! Nobody asking you to set up a fire outside and boil a pot of rice in it ala cavemen style ok so at least learn how many cups of water per cup of rice and which button to push. So simple.

The afternoon session girls are the worst. Our club asked them to slice up a few guavas for us to sell and you know what those ditsy airheads did? They slice the guavas the way you slice a cucumber - into paper-thin pieces. I AM SO NOT LYING. How stupid can a girl get? Never see sliced guava before is it?!!!!! The guys in our class were hooting like mad when they saw the pathetic state of the guavas. Needless to say, we didn't sell much, those who bought them was out of pity for us.

When confronted, the girls said that one guava wasn't enough for 4 packets (we roughly told them to cut them into pieces enough for 4 the previous week before we saw the actual size of the guavas, but heck it was just an example!!!) so proceeded to slice it that way in order to make 6 six packets to bring in more profits. ARGH!!!!!! I am surrounded by incompetent people!!!! I was tempted to sarcastically ask them why not they just grind the guavas into minuscule guava shavings so we can have 15 packets but I have a feeling they would actually take my word seriously. Plus they didn't remove all the seeds with the lame excuse that guavas without seeds aren't that tasty. I could only look incredulously at them, too shocked by their blatant dumbness. Do I look like a bird to you?! No? Then freakin dispose of the seeds can?! They, in my opinion, should be jailed for first degree stupidity.

Do not ask about the afternoon spring roll making session. I was fine doing all the cooking but do not get me started on some of their antics. Gah! Girls nowadays....I blame those stupid Taiwanese shows and the Jolin Tsai(s) of the world for their stupid airhead trends where girls are projected as nothing but empty-headed dolls in skirts with dumb blond facial expressions that goes "wah, hao bang ar!" (wah, awesome!) at every single typical daily activity performed by some ugly guy on screen. Ugh, the lameness of it all.


EviL_LauGtheR said...

Hana.. U know those girls are called as.. "又是一个没大脑的玫瑰花瓶"

Hana said...

HAHAHAHA! Some of them are not even fit to be called 'rose vase'. Don't have the look also ok. lol. And still dowan learn anythg.