Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Gensomaden Saiyuki

Wednesday, August 8, 2007
I am so sorry for plaguing you all with yet another anime post about Saiyuki. I know I'm taking a risk of losing you readers here but...but...but if I don't get it out of my system now I won't be able to think straight long enough to write a decent post about other things!

That's because I've just finish watching it 2 days ago and ever since then I've got Saiyuki on my brain 24/7 except during Econ/PP classes because the teacher is too damn interesting and the time I stepped into DIY (a place that sells baking ingredients/utensils) and got hit by a wave of vanilla, butter, cocoa and a ton of other heavenly aroma and suddenly all senses (except smell) just shut down and I had this insane urge to go around eating the shop up. Nothing beats the aroma of freshly baked goods and baking ingredients. Better than perfumes!!! So delicious that I want to suck in all the fragrant air around me if such a thing was possible.

Oh man, love DIY. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! *goes into dreamy state where the air is filled with the various aromas of delicious smelling baking ingredients*

*snaps out of stupor* Wait, what was I rambling about before DIY? Oh, Saiyuki.........FREAKIN GREAT ANIME! Or maybe I'm just bias because I'm completely besotted by Sanzo (thanks to Abi who ruin me by rambling on and on about him =P ) and immediately associate anything to do with him as awesome. How can someone like an anime character you ask? It's not even real, not like my *insert random actor name* in *insert random drama*....

I know that silly. I um, also don't know how to explain. It's a cartoon I know but a bit different than the norm because it delves deeper into each characters and....ah crap, it's exactly like your dramas just in cartoon form. So if you got your favorite character in your dramas then it is only normal I would have mine in my anime. Anyway who cares about all that...I should tell you the plot.

In case you don't know yet, this is the Japanese animated adaption of "Xi You Ji" or better known as "Journey To The West".

Honestly, I HATE 'Xi You Ji'. I mean have you seen the Chinese drama on that??? There:

See that HIDEOUSLY UGLY monkey?! I always harbor an itch to pull that stupid monkey fur out just to hear him screech in pain for making me listen to his ridiculously pitched voice. Do you know those bobbing head dolls? Well, in his case it's more like neck-stretching dolls (think of an accordion) where his intonations goes up down up down up down.....each time he speaks. GAH! Annoying! And the pig/chu pa kai looks like a retard, I've always wanted to pull his nose off haha. I forgot how the priest look like liao.

Oh, did I mention that "Sun Wu Kong" is known as "handsome monkey king" in certain Chinese adaption? Nah, your "handsome" monkey king....


Until now, I have zero idea on what XYJ is all about. I only know they are on journey to the West which I only know because of the title. But assuming that Gensomaden Saiyuki is an exact version of XYJ (I think it is, the internet say one) then I know more now. First off, the characters are way hotter than the Chinese ones:

From left: Cho Hakkai, Son Goku, Genjo Sanzo and Sha Goyjo

Yes, Son Goku is Sun Wukong and now that's hot. And the monk got lovely blond hair! Hakkai is the pig (now if pigs are like that, then being called a pig would be a compliment instead of an insult) while Goyjo is the water sprite (whatever that is. I have no idea what part is that in the original XYJ) 2nd, the script is better.

Like all anime, everything is twisted like how Sanzo is portrayed as a somewhat rebellious monk who doesn't believe in Buddhism and breaks all rules by smoking, drinking , gambling, killing enemies blablabla. I think the only thing he kept was his chastity. Something which Goyjo lost a long time ago and continue to lose it, if you get what I mean. Hakkai killed a thousand demons who killed his beloved. While Goku is short of nothing but cute =)

I forgot why they go to the West also *sheepish grin* but I believe it's something to do with bringing peace back to Shangri-La while slaying demons along the way. Oh, and to prevent the revival of the Bull Demon King? I forgot. Haiyar, I think the plot is the same as XYJ, whatever XYJ plot is. Oh, the OP and ED and BG music are awesome too.

I like the English dub better!!!! *prepares for onslaught of disbelief and insults hurled by devoted anime fans* I know, I know all you die-hard anime fans out there hates English dubs and swear by Japanese dub till the day you die and I understand that also because most English dubs suck. US people have no talent really, I dread the anime part when I get there. BUT! This one exception ok? I still say the Japanese voices are nicer but the English script is nicer (I watch both versions so I CAN say) and the voice-over although not the same, still fits the characters.


If the Japanese version was hehe funny, then the English version is HAHAHAHA....plop! (that is the sound of you falling out your chair in laughter) funny. The scripts were re-written and are a hell lot funnier. Fine I admit, it's a bit Americanized ki but well, I have nothing against that do I? Not when it's for the better. Plus, Sanzo IS blond. The arguments are the best I've seen since Fruits Basket. If you're talking about the gore/action/butt-kicking factor then it isn't that high. The villains just burst into a million particles and there is hardly any blood =( Bear in mind though that this anime was produced way back in 2000 where waist-high jeans were all the rage and my dream was to marry Kian from Westlife (I know, eww. But I was still a seh kia then ok! *shudders*) On the bright side, the storyline is still interesting enough to keep you captivated till the end. Tons of guys I know watched Saiyuki before.

Am driving myself crazy now trying to find Saiyuki Reload and Saiyuki Gunlock in dual audio. All of them is in bit torrent format and I cannot forward a port to save my life. The only port I know is where ships dock. Tried using MiRc but the bloody thing keep disconnecting me. But I really want it in dual audio! So basically I'm spamming all forums making them help me solve my problems hahaha.

I love Saiyuki =D

*I promise I won't blog about anime tomorrow =P

**Btw, just because I like Sanzo does NOT mean I endorse smoking, drinking, gambling etc. Fantasy is fantasy while reality is reality. I dislike people who does all those things in real life.

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