Sunday, July 29, 2007


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Have nothing out of the ordinary to blog about. Life is too peaceful at the moment till it becomes boring and monotonous. I love the world and the world loves me. Birds are chirping mellifluously and the air is cool and breezy.....but so what? I wish something exciting would happen to me like Jay Chou suddenly dropping onto my lawn before I proceed to elope with him to some exotic place like Paris or waking up 20 pounds lighter. Wait, how much is 20 pounds anyway? Haiyar! Anything would be fine as long as it does not involve with me falling ill to some terminal illness (choy!) or other bad stuff.

I have NOTHING worth blogging about except maybe this cute guy I saw the other day or the fact that I have finally successfully landed a lovely long scratch on my car no thanks to the freakin school gates and it's equally stupid rule of not opening both gates leaving us only one lane for our entrance and exit. Bloody rule should be abolished!!!! What is the point of making two freakin huge gates if you only use one?!! It's like making 4 car doors but using only the driver's side door to enter the passenger's seat. Still pissed about the whole incident. I was feeling somewhat euphoric that I was one of the skilled ones who didn't hit anything during the past few months and planned on staying that way until the toot gates came into the picture. GAH!

Anyway, since I have nothing much to share I shall respond to EiChi's tag. Normally I don't do tags but now as I have nothing better to do except watching Blood+ (Ha! Saya finally got her memory back. Yay! Now the action starts! Lots of slashing and blood =D) so on with the tag:

Layer One : The Outside

Name : Hannah/Hana
Birth Date : December 18
Current Status : One Lucky Girl
Eye Colour : Dark brown
Hair Colour : Dark brown
Righty or Lefty : Righty *because I'm always right lol*

Layer Two : On The Inside
Your Heritage : Chinese
Your Fear : The dark, thunderstorms, anything with more than four legs and flies haha
Your Weakness : Shopping, branded stuff
You perfect Pizza : Lots of cheese with chicken and pineapple and a drizzle of tobasco sauce!

Layer Three : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First Thing When You Wake Up : *blur thoughts* Freak...It's monday. Got school...argh...*moans tiredly*
Bedtime : Varied. Am a night owl minus the dark circles under the eyes =P
Your Most Missed Memory : When I dated Jay Chou....ok fine, but I don't have any memory I particularly miss. I have a million sweet memories but I don't miss them. I just look back and thank God for giving me so many happy moments and continue to look towards the future where I know I'll have another million more sweet memories =)

Layer Four : Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke : Coke
McDonald's or Burger King : Burger King. The burgers are ginormous!
Single or Group Dates : Anything goes...
Adidas or Nike : Adidas
Tea or Nestea : What the toot is Nestea? I like 'pu er cha'. Can slim down LOL.
Chocolate or Vanilla : Chocolate
Cappucino or Coffee :Cappuccino. Because I'm a coffee noob.

Layer Five : Do You ...
Smoke : To hell with smokers...I HATE cigarettes, tobacco, cigars whatever! Unless you're a hot anime character (because then I cannot smell the smoke and you would still remain as hot as ever without all the side-effects of smoking) that looks like this then I don't care:

I couldn't resist. This wallpaper is like the nicest I've found =D My daddy hates it though as he considers it the epitome of all badasses and demand I take it off my computer screen but I don't care. Sanzo IS staying. He, my dad I mean, fears that I'll end up dating some bad boy in the future which I think it's completely absurd because I have never met a single pai kia who I actually like in real life. They are never as alluring or thrilling as seen in movies. I know quite a number of pai kias and charming and generous with gifts as they are, I find them absolutely boring. You can do so many special things other guys don't do for their girl now but I foresee that whoever ends up marrying you suffers. It's so easy to see through them. No fun. So fear not daddy dear, I'll stick to nice clean-cut guys =)
Curse : Ha.
Take a Shower : Yes.
Have a Crush : No. Maybe. I don't know. Don't think so. I just think he's cute that's all.
Think You've Been In Love: I don't think, I know.
Go To School : I wish I can type 'no' at the moment.
Want To Get Married : Yes, by 25.
Believe In Yourself : Of course!
Think You're a Health Freak : *shoves half-eaten choc in pocket with guilty look* I'm trying!!! *mumbles* It was only a teensy winsy bit of chocolate....

Layer Six : In The Past Month
Drank Alcohol : No
Gone To The Mall : I LOVE malls!!!!
Been On Stage : No
Eaten Sushi : YES YES YES!!!! I LOOOOVE SUSHI!!!! *beams*
Dyed Your Hair : No

Layer Seven : Have You Ever ...
Played A Stripping Game : Yes and there was this hot guy who was half-naked with a killer set of abs leading to......fine, I'm lying.
Changed Who You Were To Fit In : Sometimes....just to make things smoother. Nothing major though.

Layer Eight : Age You're Hoping
To Get Married : 25.

Layer Nine : In A Girl/Guy
Best Eye Colour : Dark colors like brown or black
Best Hair Colour : Black. It's too bad you don't see Asian guys looking hot in red, white or blond hair found in animes. A pity really. Same goes for the impossibly cool hairstyle. =(
Short Hair or Long Hair : Nothing below the shoulders. As stylish as possible =P

Layer Ten : What Were You Doing
1 Min Ago : This question is redundant. It's like so obvious I spent the last 10 minutes or so
filling out this tag -rolls eyes-
1 Hour Ago : Watching Blood+
4.5 Hours Ago : Sleeping
1 Month Ago : Do you actually want a day-by-day account? Whoever set these questions isn't really on the bright side in my opinion. Most memorable thing was skipping school in favor of Singapore.
1 Year Ago : Living life at a blast.

Layer Eleven : Finish The Sentence
I Love : books excluding study materials, puppies, shopping, silver sport convertibles, JAY CHOU!, the color pink, sushi, music, OURAN!, the Hitachiin twins, the moment I step on a scale and discover that I lost weight, mini-skirts, the days when I feel thin, good-hair days, anime, the feeling when I beat everyone in class, working out in the gym, baking, well-written fanfic, Saiyuki, Sanzo's cool attitude, people who smile at me sincerely, avril's cute pink skulls, people who say I've gotten thinner, ham sandwiches with crisp lettuces, tortilla chips with mayo dip, Starbucks coffee, McD's vanilla cone ice-cream, receiving gifts, getting paid for the work I do, the feeling when I've manage to finish creating a kick-ass powerpoint slide in the nick of time, challenges, exploring ruins and other old historical places, people with a sense of humor, sincere compliments, well-dressed people, people who also care about their outer appearances and take the time to look good, those cool and laid-back Padini shirts and pants for guys displayed on mannequins in the mall, the beach, how my legs look in high-heels, going on holidays, Japanese food, wading in the sea, cute baby boys, guys who open doors for me, being the center of attention, the warm inviting sunshine on my face after a session of rain, cold cola on a hot day, hot creamy mushroom soup on rainy days, being taller than most girls, the fresh clean smell after I vacuum my room, quiet times where I can be alone with my thoughts, the euphoria of mastering a difficult piano piece, the rush of adrenaline when I race through a wide open field, the sense of accomplishment after solving a difficult question, writing........

I Feel : hungry....I skipped lunch....haha

I Hate/Dislike : Self-righteous bigots and fat people who think they are all that. For toot sake, SLIM DOWN la before you start talking about beauty. So what if you have bigger boobs? You're still a blimp. Your D-cup doesn't count seeing as it merges with your C-cup stomach so do a little math with some subtractions here and there and you're left with A-cup boobs. Hate fat people who wear micro-mini skirts too as if their elephant thighs are the most sensual aspect of them *gags* Hate the dark, thunderstorms in the night, black-outs, study freaks, insects of all kinds, that time of the month where I feel like a bloated blimp, people who shows up extremely late, people who won't take things seriously, people who don't put effort in their work and gives you some crappy completed work with some equally crappy excuses, fingernails scrapping on blackboards, people who fill an entire powerpoint slide with words, powerpoint preaching, textbooks in BM, two-faced people, mee sua, sio bee, noisy places, stupid karaoke-filled weddings, loud music in CD shops that stifles you from breathing and threaten to rip your heart out, metal music, overly strict prefects that belittle your every movement but turns out to be sluts that breaks all school rules after their term is over, early mornings, motorcyclists who weaves in and out of traffics anyhow they like, guys who don't know how to offer a helping hand when I'm busy cleaning or struggling with something heavy, my neighbors chickens, drying the car after a car wash, ugly people who think and act like they are Miss World, soporific teachers who can't teach, talking on the phone, the awkward situation where your good friend falls for you, guys who try to chat me up with blatant flattery, idiots who blast the AC to 18 degrees on cold weathers, minuscule handwritings that are barely intelligible, un-photoshopped photos with horrible lighting, people who try to use me, people who say that outer appearances does not matter and proceed to dress hideously, comedic movies chocked full of bad sex jokes, lousy chick-lit that actually won Bestseller, chain mails, bad hair days, bad English in blogs, how people always spell 'quite' as 'quiet', people who say 'it is your responsible' instead of 'responsibility', Yaoi/Yuri/Shounen-ai/Slash.........

I Hide : my flaws and my deep dark secrets...

I Need : Ahem. *sly look* You think le? There are so many things a girl can need hehe...

Layer Twelve : Tag Five People
Kat Yeong

Nah, all done. Bet you never thought a tag could be this long right? Ha! Trust me to break all the rules =P Going for my dinner now. So hungry!!!

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