Sunday, August 12, 2007

Endless Rants

Sunday, August 12, 2007
First off, I SO LOVE YOU ABI!!!! Look what I got from her last Friday.....

Saiyuki!!! SANZO!!! OMG! I simply love Sanzo!

Not one, not 2 but a whole lot of them. I can use them as bookmarks, as playing cards (What? Can just self-draw the numbers in ma) , as a guide to my sucky drawings, as those long, skinny multicolor gambling cards old people always play (except I don't gamble), to be pasted together to make a harisen (paper fan) to whack people like Sanzo.......hahaha, the possibilities are endless. Yes, yes I know my obsession is a bit over board to some of you but heck I only sprout Saiyuki gibberish here only ok. Ask anyone. You wouldn't know if you met me in real life ha!

Ok, fine. You said I promised not to blog about anime in the last post right? But today was not that day's tomorrow! It's 5 days after that day's tomorrow! HA! See! I didn't lie! I am so smart!

Nevertheless, I won't talk about Saiyuki anymore liao la. At least not at the moment....

OI YOU MEAN SWINBURNE PEOPLE!!!! YES YOU! How dare you NOT tell me you people were staging a cosplay event at Kuching Festival?!?!?! I missed it! See I have nothing to blog about anymore. And I've always wanted to see a real live cosplay. Plus there was this gorgeous gothic lolita dress on sale which I saw at Abi's blog. I love gothic lolitas! But I dislike goth. Yes, contradicting aren't I? But I only like the style NOT the way of living by those people. Who said that liking punk clothings makes you a rebel? Or liking gothic lolitas makes you a suicidal maniac? Just because I like surfing the net does not make me a computer geek anymore than liking mini skirts makes me a hooker. Freakin stupid ok?!

Look at this ridiculous post by some insane person:

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I think I died of laughter at the dragon part. DRAGON!!!! Who the toot wants a dragon as a companion? Want a mermaid as your girlfriend next? Or a unicorn as your mean of transportation? How about a goblin as your servant? Or a Bigfoot as your bodyguard? Pixies as children? I could go on and on. This is so fun!

Who say punks must drink alcohol and smoke joints? You disillusioned numbskull. People who does that are simply the good-at-nothing people of the society. Not punk. Don't create some fancy term for your sorry state. Drink blood.....might I suggest drinking your own first? Siao. Some people are just siao.


Some pictures of the cake decorating contest we held at MYF yesterday. I wasn’t involved. Busy running the background music…

All in all, the night was fun! 3 months later it would be me and Ariel’s turn to organize the last party of the year. Shall make it as kick-butt as possible and blow you people minds away. I promise. So you all must come =P Organizing is so fun!


Anyway tagged by Abi. Because I like her I shall do the tag =P

5 things in my bag

- Cigarettes
- Pot
- Liquor
- Gun
- Condom

HAHAHAHA!!!! You should have seen the look on your face!!!! Ok, I'll be serious now. What I REALLY have in my bag:

- My makeup which consists of compact powder, lip balm, lipstick, lip gloss, mascara.....
- Pink compact mirror with comb
- My digicam
- Assortment of hair clips and elastic bands for emergency hair crisis.
- Make-up/Facial blotter

*I am such an airhead judging from the contents of my bag =P *

5 things in my wallet

- Money
- IC/Driving License
- Club membership cards (no, not those night clubs)
- "No Apologies" pledge card. Hohoho.

*It's a program where you are taught the importance of abstinence from sex until marriage. Ha! Pn. Ho secretly signed me up for it without my permission during Form 2 where the Focus On The Family Organizations organize one at our school and needed participants. The toot. She just disliked the crowd I hang with and feared that I'll end up losing my virginity if I hang with them. TMD. So insulted. AS IF I SO STUPID LIDAT!!! They weren't that bad also. Anyway, I broke off all contact with those group of people already. So there!*

- Picture of me. Ha! Vainness at it's peak.

5 fav things in my room

- My computer
- My disc player
- My pink bed
- My aircon at the moment. So HOT!
- I don't know la, I like everything in my room

5 things I'm currently into now

- SANZO SANZO SANZO!!!!!! *cough* I mean Saiyuki. *Bet you saw this coming*
- Accounting
- Branded stuff
- Shoes. I want to buy a gazillion pairs but my parents forbid me from doing so =(
- Songs from the past. Pop songs, ballads etc.

5 person that I will tag

- EiChi (because she will do it)

I don't want to tag anyone anymore leh how? I don't care. Lazy to think of names.


Ha tired yet? Super long post to make up for the 3 days. You can read them in segments for each day LOL because I don’t know when my next post would be written. It could be tomorrow or it could be weeks. I really hate US singers now. No inspiration izzit? What's up with the horrible music? Punk rockers, goth rockers, permanent-mucus-in-throat rockers, milo-tin-banging rockers......

If not then it would be stupid songs like “My umbrella-ella-eh-eh”. I FREAKIN HATE THAT SONG!!!! So bloody annoying! Who cares about your umbrella? What the toot is so great about standing under your umbrella? Unless it’s raining hailstone outside but then any umbrella would do by then. Umbrella. Like that can also become song.

Fine, I CAN also!!!! Malaysians also can!!! My version:

“You can always use my tongkat-ongkat-ong-ong-ong”

Ha! Anything goes right? Plus mine more practical because when you’re injured or old I will always be there by your side to hold you up with my awesome tongkat. Such care! Such love! YOU LOSE RIHANNA! Now take your stupid useless umbrella away before I whack you to the Amazon with it where it’s always raining (I think) so you can use your umbrella to your heart’s content.

Rockers...You don’t need talent. I should just cash in on the trend. I could create a group called Screaming Banshees. Nice ler. So perfect! Who needs talent? Just scream to you heart’s content. Cheapskates.

People I see who listen to such songs mostly end up as some emo or goth freak who talk about death and hate like it’s the new sex or something. Death...only old people talk about it. Why die when life is so great?! Why hate people and make yourself miserable? Just get angry, shout a little then forget it all la. Like me. Who cares about people who dislike you? You don't need them anyway.

I’m back to digging up all the pop/rnb/ballads songs to listen to and it’s soothing. Shall update a new old song every week in my player on the right as a reprieve from all the stupid songs out there.

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