Monday, July 9, 2007


Monday, July 9, 2007

Yesterday I attended my cousin's wedding. She's only 19. A year older than me. Married.

I was stupefied when I heard the news. I simply cannot imagine myself getting married next year. SO YOUNG! I still wanna go college and be able to play as much as I want with no strings attached. To think that she would probably be caring for her first child next year while I go wild living the college life. Ok, I'm kidding. I won't go wild. I so do not want to end up pregnant with a marriage in tow before I hit 24 or 25.

But maybe she's really happy. I wouldn't know. I know I'll be devastated if it were me though. There was another bride there too that night and she looked around 16 *gasp*. After seeing them hor, all wild streaks in me disappear in an instant. I suddenly realize that it seriously isn't funny if I happen to screw my entire life up by doing something stupid in college. As much as I adore cute little baby boys I intend them to stay as other people's baby boys at the moment. Yes, yes this post shall serve as a reminder to me when I hit college for fear I might forget myself in a moment of passion ha!

Anyway, I dislike wedding dinners in Kuching. Dislike is considered very mild liao hor as my actual feeling towards wedding dinners are much stronger than that.


Do you know how damn annoying it is or not to hear endless screeching Chinese oldies thanks to the low-end sound system? And do not get me started on all those tuneless singers! They all sound like a hybrid of crows and toads. I am so sick of "Ye Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin" already! Look, wedding dinners are not the time for you to show off your singing prowess or the lack of it in most cases. Please do join contests like Malaysian Idol or Celebriteen so we get a chance to tell you how much you suck. What were those brides and bridegrooms thinking? This is supposed to be your most romantic time in your life. Ok, aside from the wedding night if you must be so meticulous. And you're willing to let a bunch of tone deaf singers screech the guests into indigestion???

Plus the horrible red color found everywhere. So painful to the eyes. Oh forget tradition. If the tradition happens to be ugly then it's about time to change. After witnessing a dozen more so sub-standard weddings, I've already decided how mine should be. Which is nothing less but AWESOME enough to blow them away =D

First I want a church with a huge garden at the back where my wedding reception is to be held. There will be garlands of white and pink flowers everywhere. Still indecisive on whether to hold the ceremony in the church or in the garden. I shall have doves fluttering in between trees and a huge wedding arch at one end entwined with red and pink roses. There will be rows and rows of tables laden with dainty pastries and sandwiches. There shall be a fragrant aroma of flowers in the air and I shall resort to spraying perfume everywhere if the flowers dare fail to give out their scents.

No, I don't want a Merce. So boring. Unless it's a convertible Merce =) So my veil can billow gracefully in the air. Hahaha.

Then comes the wedding dinner. The part where almost EVERYONE screws up. NO RED! NO KARAOKE! NO ENDLESS YAM-SENG! NO CHINESE SONGS! *unless you're my beloved Jay Chou*

I've already decided on my color scheme yesterday while I was trying my hardest not to grimace at some songtoad's off-tune melody. It shall be none other than.................WHITE & GOLD. Ha! Bet you thought I was going to say pink right?! As much as I love pink and it's embolism of feminism I've decided to choose white and gold because of it's classiness.

It's my wedding ok. A one time thing only. So of course I would choose elegance and classiness over cuteness. Yes, no matter how much I enjoy looking at those cute Harajuku style outfits; at the end of the day I will still chose styles like D&G & Prada as my choice of outfit. Call me materialistic if you want, I don't care. I like styles like that as I'm tall and it fits me better than those Harajuku styles meant for petite people. I admire the Japanese trends but when it comes down to choosing, I'll still stick to the American trends. Was born and raised there for a period of time so my taste is still leaning strongly towards US.

Back to the dinner....the tablecloth shall be a lovely white and not some washed out red. No bloody annoying Chinese oldies. I shall hire a live band to play soothing music like ballads and jazz. Instead of the crude Yaaaaaaaaaam-seng it shall be replaced with "cheers". All the plain long glasses shall be replaced with wine glasses. Mine and my husband's shall be champagne glasses though as it's classier. During the toast I do not want to see a variety of Coke, Chinese Tea, Sprite and F&N Orange. So unharmonious. Instead everyone would be served champagne and the children Zappel so when you look across the room everyone would be holding glasses filled with the same color liquid. Lidat baru sui. No you are not allowed to sing unless you're my parents, sisters or best friend. Or Jay Chou. This is for the greater good, trust me. Yeah, in other words my wedding shall be completely Westernized. The only part I'll keep is the 'ang-pow' receiving part lol. The rest can go. If can hor, I think I'll just hold my wedding in US.

Oh, how about the wedding night you say? Got bed enough liao. I'll be too busy *ahem-ing* to notice if the surroundings are a hideous red or whatnot XD

Oh STOP giving me that incredulous look already. This is MY blog and I am allowed to be as frivolous as I want here. lalalala~

So what would your dream wedding be like? =D


eiChi said...

lol! your last sentence

"So what would your dream wedding be like? =D"

that can actually be one of the topics in my forum, under 'the Lounge' XD

you can start the topic u know? :D

Hana said...

oh really? hehe...i can start topics? cool. I thought only the moderators were allowed. Ok, shall play around at your forum tomorrow =D

EviL_LauGtheR said...

Hannah Sim....
guess wad... when i was reading the top few line it was fine.. but after when it comes to you say how you want your wedding to be... ahahaha... I started to get confuse and laugh... haha.. gosh.. if i dont read ur first few line just jump over till de part you said hw u want ur weding to be.. man I'm so going to think that u want to married.. heeee.... who will be the lucky guy in de future??

Hana said...

The lucky guy? Some tall, handsome, plays drum, nice, financially stable, humorous, cool, hot, able to sing, able to cook etc. etc. etc. guy....LOL. Have a feeling I have to revise my list a little =P