Thursday, July 5, 2007

Time Flies

Thursday, July 5, 2007
Here I am blogging instead of watching Gensomaden Saiyuki. *Move aside Gaara, Sanzo is now my no.1 favorite badass =) He is just so damn cool, it's a crime* The reason is because I've made it a point to blog at least once every 3 days (yea, at which I'm failing miserably at the moment) because I know how it feels to visit a blog only to find yourself looking at the same darn post for the 7th time that week. Quite annoying.

Genjo Sanzo = Utter Coolness

*Just noticed the sign. Excuse me???!!! What murderer? Sanzo is a murderer?*

But WHAT to blog about? That is the question...

I could blog about my new scanner cum printer my dad gave me but who wants to read about stuff like that. Plus even I am not excited about it and have used it mainly as a decor for my room to match my computer which I haven't touch in weeks. I don't even use the family printer or scanner so ditto for the one I have now. I find it bloody ironic that I seem to be getting tons of stuff I've always wanted this year - my final year here. It's like someone is out to bully me going: "nyahnyah, now you have everything you want but guess what? You only have 6 months left to enjoy them. Ha!"

I always thought that I would be happy if I could get the things I want. I mean, I've heard of the saying "money can't buy you happiness" but then seriously, there is still a tiny voice in us that goes: "but it can still buy us lots of other things that can make you happy". Oh stop lying and tell me if you've never thought that way once. I keep seeing blogs of my friends filled with huge dreams of striking it rich so there....point proven.

Enter year 2007....

I now have everything I've wanted for years not to mention things I don't really want but still have it anyway thanks to my parents and friends generosity. I cleaned out my room just now and found a drawer chocked full of jewelry enough to dress up 20 girls. Then I caught myself in the mirror and discovered that I haven't even wore a single strand of jewelry for the past few weeks. Something which is unheard of in the past few years where my necklaces and earrings are changed daily. Yes, I know my that my friends reading this now are itching to kill me as they've probably forked out quite a bit of money to buy me all these stuff and here I am declaring that I seldom wear them now. Chill....I still wear them to dinner parties and stuff =)

I begged for a digicam to snap pics for memories and now where is it? Oh shoot, where is it by the way?! Remind me to find it later that is if you want to see pics on my blog next week as I'll be going to.....*not telling yet hehe*

So my point is yes I now have everything I've wanted and more but am I HAPPY???? No, not really. Why? Cause what I want now is to enter a university. I do not want any more material things. I don't care if you buy me a Vios now I still rather go to college at the moment and live the college life. I told my parents that and they say and I quote: "You just enjoy your life now cause when you get there life would be hard. You think so easy meh? You never 'jiak kho' wan sure go there end up crying when you find things become so difficult."

Yeah right. I hardly find going to Form 6 every morning only to listen to monotonous teachers enjoyable. I would gladly trade my comfortable life now for a challenged filled one in US. I want to live on my own, to cook my own 3 meals, to clean out my own apartment, do my own laundry etc. I want to work be it waiting tables or whatever just to get a taste of what it feels like to survive on my own. The only jobs I've done here are all somewhat semi-professional where various adults from my church would offer me jobs in their office doing designs or other computer related work. I've always wanted to work in a coffee shop for once just to know how it's like =P I hate jobs that are not challenging like what a few of my friends has always suggested:"Go get a job in a cellphone shop la. No need do anything. Just sit there and play games the whole day and still get paid."

"............................................." Excuse me hor but where is the fun in that??? Like that I rather stay at home as I have tons more of entertainment stuff here. What is the point of working if you just sit around doing nothing. Where is the experience? The challenge? Shall never get such a boring job like that in years. Which is why I want to go to California. Where life is fast-paced and filled with many tough challenges. There is nothing I love better than stretching my limits to see what I can achieve. Unfortunately, this only applies to things I love so if the stupid thing happened to be in BM like SPM I tend to lost interest. But thats the beauty of it, US is all in English. HA! Sarawak is so sluggish and the people all laid-back. Cannot stand it at times.

But where was I? Oh yea about the overseas thing. My friends are all back for their half year holiday. Time flies!!! Stop asking me why my parents are keeping me here. I've been asking about that for ages and I've finally gotten the answer.

They said and I quote: "You think we don't want to send you there meh? I could buy you a ticket now and send you there tomorrow but whats the point? So you may be a year later than your peers and so? The only thing you'll be losing is 24ooo bucks when they enter the work field a year earlier and that is not a lot of money. Not worth rushing yourself headlong into your studies again straight after SPM. This is the only year where you can enjoy yourself and the next reprieve would be when you're 60 years old. Plus, when you go off to college it won't be the same anymore. You'll be more of a visitor to us by then. Do you think you can still act the way you act around the house now by that time? You would change by then and if we let you go now, you'll never know what you've just missed out in life. Just enjoy whatever time you have left and put all your spirit into your studies next year when you get there."

Words of wisdom? To me, yes. I am starting to find that they words are ringing truer and truer each day. Of course I am still irritated about going to school and being the only one left behind missing out all the fun things like Faye's animefest in taylors and stuff but then again, I know that when I look back to this post again one day, I'll know I did the right thing by listening to them.

I know I'm somewhat contradicting myself in this post but then things always take a different turn when you actually start writing. It's a blog anyway. It's something for me to refer back to in the future. I cannot write superficial stuff everytime ok else I might really end up with no future =P

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