Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hair Issues

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
FREAK LA! I just screwed up my hair. Regretted ditching my hairdresser of years for the sake of saving 50 measly bucks. OH WHY DID I MAKE SUCH A STUPID DECISION?!

I won't dare go back to my usual hairdresser to fix it for fear she might scold me for not going to her in the first place. I throughly deserved that scolding though. WHY WHY WHY? Did I not go to her instead when she's been doing my hair for the every single month for the past 3 years. Instead this time I decide to be stupid and go off to some cheap broken down, un-air conditioned, no massage, no music, no magazines place.

Forget all these save-money-thingy from now on! Especially on hair! Look what it got me when I thought I was doing a wise thing. My parents are no help either. Hello??!! You think they would be grateful for having such a responsible daughter who is helping them to save some money hor but noooo, they have to complain endlessly on why I didn't go to my usual hairdresser while staring disapprovingly at my hair.

GAAAAH! But all these would not have to happen if I didn't straighten my hair 3 years back. Why the freak did I gave in to peer pressure? Listen all you young people out there because I'm only gonna say it once...


I used to have damn chio hair and I would know because every single hairdresser I went to said they loved it. I had lovely soft natural curls ok?! But the stupid trend that year had to be long, straight hair. Now I never gave two hoots on what the trends are BUT unfortunately I have friends who worship trends like that and EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN day they would hound me about my curls. Asking me to straighten it to look prettier. *Prettier my toot* Thanks to my almost zero self-esteem at that time, I gave in despite vehement protests from my family and various hairdressers.

Yes, some said I looked prettier but those were only the sibeh Chinese type people. All the rest weren't very supportive and asked why I decided to do such a stupid thing as ironing all my beautiful curls to oblivion. GAH! The worst thing was my hair could never go back to it's usual beautiful shape. It sucks all the more to know that the current trend now is curly hair. DEEP DOWN I AM VERY 'HOU HUI' OKAY!

Look, just listen to your parents ok? Nothing good ever comes from choosing your friend's advice over theirs. C'mon, I thought I was so smart at that time and look where it got me....forever lost curls, constant endurance of various noxious perming fumes and RM500 poorer every year just to maintain my hair. The only other time I took my friend's advice again I nearly killed myself with anorexia. -_-

I am so giving you valuable advice here. I've learn through many trials and errors that if your friends persist you to go against your parents, DITCH THEM. Unless your parents are really some cold-hearted psychopaths who are planning to sell you off in the flesh trade or something then I don't know what to say.....Look, I am not some cold hearted biatch who would dumped all friends who got in her way ok. I'm just saying that at the end of the day, your family is the only one you can trust for support. Friends come and go. Of course you must have friends la but family is still more important =D

Yes, I know I've complained about this before but I am still sore over it. Forking out over 100 bucks for every perm knowing that I wouldn't have to this if I had only listened is somewhat painful. Can buy 2 CDs la! Or a dress! Or plethoras of earrings! Can also buy the entire Gensomaden Saiyuki complete DVD set......


I've already tried the normal perm, the Japanese perm, the Twister perm and now this time I went for the infamous digital perm. Seriously, what the toot is that???

Look! The latest wedding veil! Haha.

This type of perm uses electricity... I was so scared something would go wrong and I'll get electrocuted or something!!!

That is not a robot. That for your information, IS MY HAIR under a bunch of wires kiapped onto it. The ridiculous things I put myself through. It's freaking hot and heavy. Nearly died from the fumes. Got myself a sore neck too as reward for my patience.

ALL THAT FOR WHAT?! Screwed up hair. Toot digital perm! Actually it's my fault I didn't go to my hairdresser who knows me best but I don't feel like blaming myself now. SO TOOT DIGITAL PERM it is. And also the hairdresser who cannot perm it according to my face. I am hoping that constant washing would tame the wild curls I'm currently sporting.

Oh by the way, I said before that I was trying my best to secure flights to other countries as a treat for you people to have something interesting to read right? Well, I've kept my promise and I'll be going to Singapore for these few days =D Shall blog if there is Internet access.


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