Sunday, July 22, 2007

Trust No One

Sunday, July 22, 2007
New lesson learned: It does NOT pay to be nice and trust NO one except maybe your parents and siblings.

I am quite a trusting person by nature. I trust people easily. That is until I got somewhat used by certain friends did I wake up and smell the coffee and realize the whole world is full of treacherous limacine donkeyholes who would use you without a moment hesitation's for their own advantage. Ever since then, I learned from one of the best and learned how to read people inside out. Especially those nefarious ones.

But I realize I still have a lot to sweat, by the time I'm ready for college I will be. I am sick of playing nice. Sick of trusting people. Sick of giving people 2nd, 3rd, 4th chances thinking that they might change. Sick of trying my best not to offend others.

I say FORGET IT!!!! If I dislike you, I dislike you! If I think you're trying to use me, I shall be as cold as ice towards you. If I can't stand you, I won't go near you. Don't attempt to be nice to me when you know I don't like you ok? Very awkward. If you dislike me just tell me, don't bloody try to cover it up by acting all sweet and sugary to me. I can tell.

One thing I'm really SICK of is people who try to use me/leech off me or whatever. I am not the nice sugar fairy who would listen to your every whim just because you show me a nice side of you okay?! I also hate people who think I'm their ATM machine or something. Of course they don't ask you for money outright but darn it la, I can see your motive in all those subtle actions or invitations alright? You think I'm like those 'shu nu' who would swallow everything you say?

I don't care if you're reading this post now. I don't care if you think I'm a biatch. I don't care if you try to win sympathy by acting like you're the innocent one when you're actually the devious scheming one. I DON'T!!! If those of you reading this know said person, just zip it. I don't need you running around telling tales behind my back on how I'm wrong (because I'm NOT) or too harsh and all that crap. What? By telling others you think you would be doing a good deed izzit? Or that it'll turn you into some justice-loving superhero trying to do the morally right thing? By rebuking me so it'll seem like you are the impeccable morally upright person you think yourself to be? Because no, in actuality you're just a malevolent low-life gossiper who'll jump at the slightest chance at maligning others. You do not care about the well-being of either party so stop all your pretentious goody-goody act and go jump off a cliff or something.

I don't know if your part was an accident or on purpose. But I find it hard to believe that you could forget to return my phone to me. After calling one would automatically return it to the owner right? What?! Put in your pocket meh? I am willing to bet that 10 to 1 you're planning to take it home all along and I was a fool not to see it. But how does the saying goes again? Once bitten, twice shy? Guess what? I'm more like once bitten, twice double vicious. Stuff all your lies. The trust is broken. I gave you 3 chances and you broke them all.

I lent you my cellphone to make a phone call for a transport to take you home and went off tidying up some equipment trusting you'll return it back to me when you're done but you went and disappear with it. Secondly, I called you and you promised to turn my phone off the instant you hang up but surprise surprise, it was still on when I asked someone to call you the 2nd time. Freak it! I'm supposed to believe you after all these???

The next morning you called me asking for the PUK code because according to you someone decided to unlock the phone thinking it was yours by entering the incorrect PIN code 5 times. All this done after you switched off my phone yesterday night liked I asked. *snorts* Knowing people, after getting it wrong the 1st or 2nd time they would leave it alone. I hardly believe someone would be as fatuous as to continue keying it the bloody code if they're doing it for a joke. Which leads me to one conclusion: You're lying.

Here's how I think it really went....You tried to make calls but the line was dead. Then you discover that the service provider name was missing and there was no line so you were baffled. You tried to make a few more calls but to no avail so you did the basic thing: refresh the phone by switching it off and on again. But to your chagrin, you're now asked to enter my PIN code. You kept trying until it's blocked because after all what the heck? If I don't get it right, I'll just call Hannah up with some excuses as to why it's blocked. Am I right so far?

Because guess what? *smirks* I'm no bimbo. Sure, I might have made the mistake of trusting you the first 2 times but never again. Why I think the real story is as above? Because I phoned Maxis to temporary suspend the line for me. HA! That would explain the dead line muahahahaha (The only reason I took such drastic action was because you broke my trust three bloody times in a row). You said that your 'friend' enter the incorrect code 5 times this morning at church but do you know I can call Maxis up to find out the exact time it was blocked? And how would it look like for you if the time it was blocked was some unearthly hour in the morning? *smug grin* Postpaid rule!!!!

By the way, you continued to use my phone to SMS others when you promised you wouldn't. You thought that by deleting all your outgoing and incoming SMSes would prevent me from finding out but guess again. My Nokia phone is SUPERIOR!!! You deleted the call log and messages but there is still another hidden log stating all outgoing and incoming calls and test messages. And I saw a list of number I'm not familiar with. TMD! You lied again!

So just forget it! Save your sympathetic act for someone else. Stop with the fallacious apologies. I should have stuck to my beliefs all along. I've learned that people can't change. Only though Jesus and that is only IF they are willing to change. No matter how nice, how sweet, how 'real' they act, for all you know it could be just a facade. I gave you the benefit of doubt and you've just confirm my doubts.

Yes, from now onwards, I shall never let my guard down ever again. I shall never believe in "maybe this time it's different" again. I shall stick to my judgments and not be fooled by any act. I shall continue being the mordant icy queen towards undesirable characters and if you hate me, I shan't give a damn. It's better than being the gullible fool used for someone's own advantage. You remind me of someone I've known in the past and your actions couldn't have been more similar. He let me down a myriad of times and I expect you'll be the same.

Forget it. Miss Nice-and-Trusting is gone. This time, I play by my own rules.

*Updated: In case you're wondering, I did get my cellphone back and have reactivated my line =) But it's the concept of things. For all you know, I could be facing a thousand dollar bill or imprisoned because of a prank call about a bomb. Yes, the situation is dire if you happen to lose your phone. Your friend might do something as a joke but it's you who'll be facing the consequences.

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