Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Singapore Trip

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

SORRY. I really tried to blog yesterday but my sis hogged the computer the entire day and some jerk stole my wireless and put a password on it. The toot! Anyway, finally finish editing all the pics. Got like 100 but got really sick of editing after the 10th pic so I ran on a rampage and discarded all photos that are not remotely nice. I don't know how Xiaxue does it. Really salute her for taking her time to edit all her photos nicely. It's darn tiring after a while ok. If you're feeling grumpy cause I take such a long time to update, DON'T.

I have to study ok. No time. Must get top 5. No, make that top 3. No. 1 EVEN BETTER =D I could update very fast if I wanted to. That is if you want to end up seeing photos like this:

What is wrong you say? Everything. It looks like a cheap kopitiam where Ah Bengs carry out their drunken brawls. Yes, I know it's still a cheap kopitiam (actually the prices are damn expensive) but you guys don't need to know that right??? With a little photoshop skill, I can transform it into this:

HA! Looks classier now right? More inviting maybe? Doesn't it look so cosy? So my point is it takes time to edit photos to get it looking this good. Maybe I'm not the best in Photoshop but at least I have nicer photos now for you to look at. This time I did all my editing on another computer and what looks okay on that computer looks messed up on the one I'm using now. Don't know if it's the same for you people. Maybe you should lower the brightness of your monitor a bit.

I was bored through my skull with school so I asked my daddy to take me to Singapore. And so there I was =D My trip lasted for four days. Yes, I went with my dad alone like my last trip to KL. I wanted to take Ariel with me but she got school =( I've also discover that going alone with my dad has it perks =) Like I can eat at anyplace I want, eat anything I want, do what I want, buy what I want....Something I CANNOT do when I'm on holiday with the rest of my family as there are my sisters to consider. If I buy something, they would whine for their share and in the end I get NOTHING. So yea, very happy to travel without them at times =P

This is my 3rd time to Singapore so don't expect any pics at recreational places and stuff.

Oh by the way, you have my dad to thank for all these photos. I had no guts to take any in the beginning because people kept looking at me weirdly when I whip out my camera to snap pics. But my dad was like: "Take nia lar. I thought you bloggers are pro in this area. Just 'ka ka' take and ignore the crowd." So yea, thanks to that I now have a number of photos for this post. Speaking of my dad, he's going to check up on my blog every now and then so yeah, if you're on my link list it's not my fault if he decide to pay your site a visit. He's extremely fascinated with blogs now and I am getting sick of hearing him mention KennySia everyday already =P

PRADA! GUCCI! LA SENZA! LV! Love Love Love!!! Oh yes!!!! When I grow up, I shall take my time to shop at these places. Such stylish clothings. Ahhhh~~~~

During my entire stay in Singapore, I visited this shop EVERY SINGLE DAY. The bread is delicious! I have never seen bread sell that fast before. Blink and you're met with an empty tray. No, I am so not kidding. The numbers of customers here are insane.

Glorious muffins

Cure Of The Golden Flower

I did not misspell curse. It's really cure. Cheap trick on their part to make a play on Jay's movie title. But at least it's good. No, it's more than good. It's heavenly. I took one bite and flew to paradise. We bought like 10 buns all the way back to Malaysia. A must try!!!

And they have cute packaging too!!!

Such stylish design

Very practical don't you think? Don't need any stupid ribbon to tie it. Unlike our flimsy cake boxes we have here. Seriously the only nice thing about our boxes is that it's pink. I should just start a company selling fancy packaging like these. I shall then be RICH! Can indulge in all those Prada goodies! Muahahahah....

You know what? When you don't spend money on clothes and stuff, you suddenly discover that you have a darn lot of money left to spend on food. Which is what we did.....

Cha Mee


Rojak. Suck BIG time.

Really really SUCK. Instead of tofu they go put some disgusting things like 'eu zhar kueh' or something. Sour too. Bleh. Midway through my meal, I thought why not order ORH CHIEN??? Just so I can post a picture here to kek Matthew? Ehehehe.....


Guess the joke's on me =( Apparently Singapore's idea of orh chien is some mashed up egg thingy with a meager amount of orh. 5 bucks gone like that. That's like RM10. Just cause I wanted to kek Matthew. What I learned: IT DOES NOT PAY TO BE MEAN. That and DON'T ever order orh chien in Singapore anymore.

There's this one shop that sells delicious cold desserts. I had one different kind every day for lunch.

Mixed Fruits Tadpoles

See the cute jelly-like things on the left? Those are miniature jelly tadpoles! So cute. Tasty too =)

Mango Ice Kacang

Four Seasons

I am fascinated with Japan. Which is why I love Singapore because of the extensive range of Japanese food and products they sell there. My dad knows I'm obsess with all things Japanese now and I have to say he's pretty cool about it like watching certain animes with me or specially buying Japanese foodstuff for me =) Of course I had to eat at least one Japanese meal there now right? So many variety bor! How not to?!


Couldn't find any soba. I'm telling you, Japanese food is delicious!!!! Even my dad agrees with me. I tried the Korean ramen but it wasn't nice . Tasted like Maggi mee. The bowl was some metal thing that reminds me of a dog's eating bowl. Wasn't very happy towards Korean food after that. Doesn't the Japanese Ramen above looks absolutely scrumptious? Yealar, I'm sorta lying cause I photoshop like all food pics to the max. The un-edited version looks absolutely nothing like the above. I reddened the meat and darken the veggies. But my aim is to make you drool no matter how fake I'm being ha! It's delicious anyway.

Cold Green Noodles

Didn't know how to eat it. Put a spoonful of the brownish liquid in my mouth thinking it was soup only to choke vehemently after discovering that it was some salty gravy for my noodles. Daddy had to teach me the proper way of eating it. Apparently you had to pick out a minuscule amount of noodles (as it's uncut and pretty long and tend not to break off) and dip it into the gravy. For someone who don't really like Japan much, my dad sure knows a lot of things about them.


Worth the price too. Only 8.90. Even after you convert it's still cheap. Got sushi and tempura some more. I HEART SUSHI =D

Haha! Xiaxue does have selling influence. Had to buy it after spotting it in a shop. Normally I won't even bother but she kept harping on how nice it was on her blog so I HAD to try it for myself. And it's FREAKIN YUMMY!!!!! This is the best seaweed I've ever tasted. I'm so not lying. Not too salty. Just right. Crispy too! All my friends who ate it agrees with me =)

After eating 3 pieces, Abi popped into my head and I decided to buy one for her too as she's into Japanese stuff lol. After buying hers, I remember Nasha distinctively asking me to buy her something and if I don't she would cut off my head. Ok she didn't say the last part but I'm afraid what she might do if I didn't buy her anything =P So I bought another bag for her.

The next day I was suffering from seaweed deprivation (finished mine in 20 minutes) and walked blocks to buy 5 more packets. It's like RM6 for a packet. No, don't add it up for me. I do not want to know just how much I spent on those seaweeds alone......

Tired of all those food pics yet? Guess what I saw when I enter Takashimaya???


HAHAHAHA. Food festival.

Everywhere I go I see food, food and more food =P How not to get fat?! Tried to take pics but there were too many people milling about for me to get a good shot of anything so I didn't. You should be glad hor. I'm pretty sure you're tired of seeing food by now haha.

First time I tried Dunkin Donuts. Tired of always hearing people rambling about how good it is when I've never got a chance to try a single of their donuts. So made it a point to buy some this time round.

Nothing special really

Apple filled donut

Random pics:

7-11 famous slurpee

I didn't come back from Singapore without learning something hor. In fact, I've mastered the art of 'kiasu-ism'. For example, the slurpee above? Wanna know how to get the most out of your money? Let me teach you....

Yes, you must use 2 or more covers because the cup is kinda flimsy and one cover wouldn't hold all the weight of the soda causing it to slip off and slosh apple slushy all over the floor. With my fool-proof kiasu method you are guarantee to get at least 10% more soda. Don't forget to smirk at the cashier when you pay up for being such a genius in outwitting them. Remember you learn it first from me here hor!!! =P

Happy =D

Heart Bracelet

Silly waitress messed up my cream top

My Nike Shoes

Not very comfortable though. Seriously wondering if I was ripped off with faked goods. Wasn't cheap too. It better NOT be fake.

Legs =P

Yes, they look so damn skinny here hor. So happy =D Wish the bottom half of my legs were longer too. Like those Singaporean girls'. Envy them.

English subs!! No BM. COOL!

PINK donut says "Smile"

No more pictures liao. Tired of editing already. Got a test tomorrow too. Yes, I didn't post much pictures of me cuz:

1. My hair is atrocious
2. My daddy says I have to have some level of privacy
3. My hair IS atrocious

And that is reason enough =P


Faye said...

Cool!!! I wanna go singapore too!!!!!!XDDDD did u go to the kino store there? its AWESOME :D

Hana said...

Wad kino store??? don't tell me it's some fab Japanese store? and I miss it??!!!!

Faye said...

umm...i mean kinokuniya...the hugeass bookstore...but they have a lot of (english) manga and anime dvds and merchandise too!!! But borders is better, they have browsing copies so you can sit down on the provided sofas and take your time reading...even for the manga. But kino is like, stingy. All the books and manga are shrink-wraped >.>