Thursday, July 26, 2007

To Lie Or Not To Lie

Thursday, July 26, 2007
Tomorrow is Friday. It's also the day I promised a few classmates of mine that I'll join their ERT Club for a baking session. I regret it now.

I know I was pretty ebullient about it last week but that was then and this is now. Plus the original plan was to make pudding not jelly. I mean jelly? I don't think anyone need any special culinary skills to make jelly. You just get a packet of gelatin, dump it into a pot of water, add a few slices of fruit and ta-da: JELLY. No kick at all.

I don't want to waste one hour making jelly!!!! I also do not want to spend the entire afternoon paired up with some novice who probably doesn't even know what gelatin is.

I'm seriously considering canceling my plan and hop along to KGS to work out some more. Yes, I am currently competing with my sister on who shall slim down first and she is actually taking this whole thing seriously by jogging every single freaking day! I am worried now. I don't want to end up as some amorphous blob by the end of the year while she transform into some Jessica Alba look-alike. Body-wise I mean. Plus she got the longer upper torso! NOT FAIR!

But I don't know how to tell my classmate that I want out. I can't possibly say jelly-making is such a snore that even my baby-sister can do it. Even though technically I do not have any baby sisters at the moment but I am SO SURE that if I have one, she can do it. I think.

But she seem so happy when I told her I would be joining. My classmate I mean, not my fictitious baby sister. She was practically jumping around in elation and mean as I am at times, I don't have the heart to disappoint her. She and her friends were so nice to me when I had no friends in Form6. I mean they have their own close group of friends and could have just ignore me but they didn't. They really made me feel welcomed and relaxed back when I was so sure I'll hate Form 6. I can't let them down right? It's just one hour.....But I really don't want to make jelly......So do I tell her a white-lie? That other plans have come up and I can't make it? Well, I DO have a plan even if it's a last minute self-concoction out of desperation. What is a white-lie anyway? Are there black-lies too? Hmm...could there also be a pink-lie? Maybe I can coin a new

OK back to more pressing matters....WHAT SHOULD I TELL HER??? Help me out here la guys. Tell her the truth and risk being written off as a snob or someone unreliable who break promises? Or just stick to my plans and end up hating my entire time spent making jelly while I could be having fun doing other stuff? Help?

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