Saturday, July 28, 2007


Saturday, July 28, 2007
GAAAAHH!!! You STUPID girl!!! Fight la dammit!!!! I didn't download all these episodes just to see you cowering in fright you wimp! Just bloody accept your past can?! Get your sword and start slashing all those chiro- whatever monster that is OKAY! What happened to the cool kick-ass movie Saya?


Stupid girl. The ONLY one who can kill those monsters and she just stand there like idiot while her loved ones all die around her. KILL!!!! OKAY?! KILL IT!!!! You dope! People dying ar!

Stupid anime. Where got blood....even if got also not cool one. I expect it to be like the movie where she slash every monster open coolly. I mean, IF it has to be somewhat gory then at least be more cool la ok? Not some lame blood wounds or a bloodless dismembered limb or two.

Better not continue to disappoint me. Bloody girl better start fighting. I'm like putting Saiyuki on hold here to see her cut up some ugly monster and she's holding her head screaming "no no no". Toot. I see also wanna scream in exasperation!!!! Gah!

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Faye said...

Lol. Blood+ is not bad, overall. Saya's just a bit disorientated at the moment cuz she's confused. Wait till about ep 34 or so, thats when the real ass-kicking starts, and it's worth the wait (IMHO). Chill, man. :)