Monday, July 2, 2007

The Epitome Of Sian-ness

Monday, July 2, 2007

Feeling somewhat fed-up with school. Am tired of all those soporific teachers who can't teach to save their lives. The only interesting thing in school besides Muet and Economics 1 is the euphonious sound of the school bell ringing signaling the end of yet another insipid lesson. In other words, DAMN SIAN I TELL YOU!

Another thing I dislike about school is the hoard of prefects roaming around like some sort of haughty upper-class society body. I don't mean all prefects as some are really nice and are far from being the pompous sort but some, SOME of them just irk me no end. How many times must they check if I've sewn on the school logo? 1 time? 2 time? NO! MUST BE EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN DAY! I for one, am NOT a morning person. I dislike initiating conversation of any kind during this time of the day where my energy point is lowest. So imagine my irritation when I am forced to stop in my tracks to undergo their stupid school logo inspection every morning ( I wear a jacket by the way). You want me to bring all my blouse to school and lay them out for you one by one then you happy izzit? Maybe you'll like to sew them on for me? Save you all the hassle then won't it? Finally lost my temper this morning and would have continued my tongue lashing it weren't for one of the prefects who managed to placate me somewhat by thanking me for putting up with their actions for the last few weeks. But nevertheless, if someone still thinks she can try the same inane routine tomorrow again then she can think again.

The school toilets are still as noisome as ever. What is it about flushing that is so difficult? I bet our school has one of the most ineffective toilet system ever. If you see a clean cubicle you can bet your money that the lock is defective, hence the cleanliness. And if the lock is working, you would most definitely see a pile of sh*t lying there like some sort of aesthetic achievement thanks to some stupid girl who is too stupid to pull the handle. Don't give crap excuses like the thing won't flush or whatever. In toilet-land, do what the toilet-users do, get a pail with water and flush darn it. Very miffed about the state of our toilets.

Plus don't know which idiot started these graffiti thingy and now all the latest gossip can be found scrawled all over the walls of the stalls. Things like 'who' has got no dignity and goes around stealing their boyfriends. All I have to say is, SO WHAT? She's hot, you're not. What you expect? Instead of wasting time scrawling all these messages where the guys would never know, might I suggest you go on a diet? Or maybe plastic surgery? Cannot begin to comprehend the level of their stupidity.

Enough of school. People keep saying I should blog more. I know la but I have to think of something interesting to blog ma or not later you people leave me for others =( I'm trying my best to secure flights to other countries at the moment so I'll have something to blog about. See the lengths I go to for some of you readers? The Japan thing I couldn't make it la, sorry. Cuz it's like next year and by then I'll be in US.

Gensomaden Saiyuki is quite nice actually. The one-liners are freakin hilarious and it's a totally different genre from the animes I'm used to watching. The color and drawing isn't as good la but then this anime was probably released ages ago. The English dub is somewhat cho but then that's what makes it so fun to watch as the arguments are just super hilarious. The plot is something like Kyo Kara Maou only KKM akumas are super good-looking compared to Saiyuki's. Not saying your Sanzo la Abi =P

The stupid thing is that YouTube is a jumble of subs and dubs so I find myself watching the first half in English, the second in Japanese and the third part in French. SO ANNOYING ok?! Veoh takes donkey years to load some more. So I'll be very happy if someone can point me out a site where I can download all the episodes preferably in the English dub as the laugh factor lies in the usage of English words. Yes, I know it's practically impossible.....

*Yes, you should know by now that I'm a huge anime fan so get used to it. In my opinion it's better than those rectangle turned triangle love story and death by anemia found in ALL korean dramas. At least, animes have a wide variety of plots. So there.*


adriana said...

you're so right. =.=

Hana said...

Hahaha. U feel the same hia? Seriously, the rest of the lessons really least u got frens to talk too....