Friday, June 29, 2007


Friday, June 29, 2007
Kuso. I missed the deadline by 2 weeks. Peeved about the whole affair now. Who wants to just go on a holiday in Japan. I want to spend months and months there. My only opportunity in a lifetime and I missed it.

Yes! Stupid Mr. I'm-a-gay (Yagami spelled backwards) Light died *cheers* He killed my L *narrows eyes*. I conclude that he is also somewhat gay (as derived from his name) as he keeps doing asinine stuff like sacrificing all those hot girls like Takada in favor of his warped view of justice.

Anyway, I'm getting fed up with some of the antics of certain people in school. I simply hate it when people tend to turn a simple friendship into something more than what's it's supposed to be - a simple friendship. I bloody HATE it when people try to tease you with someone. I mean, how old are we now? 9? Can't you people just stop playing this hackneyed game? The worse thing is when people start believing all these mendacious statements and everything starts to get awkward. I really hate it when my friends does stuff like that to me. No, I don't hate you, I just hate what you do. Stop it.

I don't really know what to blog about these days. I can't be that feisty girl who can flame anyone or anything she dislike anymore. All it takes is just one fiery post to set certain people tongues wagging. Come on lar, stop scouring my blog for inappropriate stuff to use as leverage against me. How many of you sitting out there now know about your child's blog? You always pick on mine but HOW SURE are you that your sons/daughters don't have one. I've discovered more and more blogs that I'm 100% sure their parents know nothing about. Ha, plus the stuff they blog about makes me look like a saint. Of course, I can post all their URL's here for the world to see (Ha, let's see your reaction) but I shan't stoop that low. I won't be you. But even I have my limits, push me too far over the edge and you just might regret it.

*goes into ditsy blond mode* Any of you people have Animax? Go watch Kyo Kara Maou! So many handsome guys *swoons*

Haha Abi, I know you won't like it though. Too many pretty boys. I've decided hor, that I shall marry a bishie look alike. Neh, those tall, slim, I don't do any strenuous work (read: rich =P) type. I don't like those muscular types like you see in the gym. I cannot for the life of me understand why some guys aspire to have muscles the size of a tree. EWWW!!! So freakin ugly can? Especially when they flex their muscles, it looks as if their veins are on the verge of bursting open ready to gush blood all over the place. 'An quan gan' my foot. Who knows he won't crush your head open like a watermelon ler? Dislike WWE guys too. Like dating a barbarian in a gorilla's body.

Ew ew ew ew ew. He looks like a crossbreed between a mutated cauliflower and a grape. Imagine the years he spent getting his body to look like that. Only to end up looking like a patient with a severe tumor case. Sweet -rolls eyes-

Pretty boys win hands down any day =P

Yea, about Kyo Kara a little shounen-ai in it but nothing serious. I hate stuff like Yaoi and Yu-- (forgot what's the girl one called) IT'S SO WRONG OK?! And what the hell is slash? I remember seeing a Naruto slash Sasuke fanfic somewhere before and thinking that that stupid snake pedophile serving gigolo was finally going to get slash by Naruto into tiny little pieces with a kantana or something, I happily click to read. Imagine my horror when I discover that the slash they meant wasn't what I had in mind. Even fanfic got hentai stuff. tmd. With stupid ratings like lemons and limes to rate the explicit level. Why lemon and lime? Why not cucumber or banana ler? More hiao *ahem* I mean suitable.

*sigh* I know this post isn't as interesting as others. But I can't churn out funny posts one after another. Plus some bloggers posts are way more boring than mine yet they have like 1000 visitors a day. Bah. Never mind, my blog prettier. Ha.

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