Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bad English

Thursday, June 21, 2007

One thing I hate more than bad English in blogs (I don't mean the occasional one or two grammar mistakes but those plebeian blogs with such egregious grammatical and spelling errors till you wanna scream in exasperation. I mean for THE WORLD'S sake, use CHINESE or whatever language you're more fluent in can or not??!! So what if I cannot understand. Your disastrous English isn't getting me anywhere either. ) is bad English notices in WORKPLACES.

Some notices are just so freakin hilarious I tell you. There was even a flyer advertising a certain tuition center offering English classes and the title went like this: "A ARE NOT A DREAM". -_- Do not even ask about the rest of the paragraph. I guarantee you that A would forever remain a dream if you take up their English classes.

Then we have notices like: "Employees caught stealing office stationeries will be sake." It's SACKED la! I never knew stealing could turn you into a bottle of Sake (Japanese wine).

WHY CAN'T PEOPLE USE THE DICTIONARY FOR ONCE so they won't sound like the vacuous person they are? You're doing a business for goodness sake so learn to check if you're unsure.

I mean erroneous spellings can ruin your business....

See, I was hungry the other day so I went out to grab a bite at a nearby coffee shop and was greeted with this sign:

Oh, ignore the erroneous spelling of 'flavor' as 'favor'. I mean did you notice this?

EWWWW ok?! The combination of both the flavors of sweat and sour is just disgusting! I wonder how they prepare it? Do they stuff the chicken in sweaty gym shoes ala bamboo chicken style or do they gather those buckets of sweat like this:

Yes, sumo wrestlers would have the most sweat I presume. Which they would proceed to collect and soak the chicken & rice in them overnight.

Whichever the case, I completely lost all desire of eating. So people please, learn to SPELL!!!!!

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