Sunday, June 17, 2007

Love Love Sushi

Sunday, June 17, 2007

YO! What's up with you people out there =D

*dodges flying mouses and keyboards*


Oi!!!! It's not like I don't want to blog ok? But I was freakin busy the whole week. Honest! I thought after SAT life would be easy and free but noooo, my daddy has to crush that hope by sending me back to school so I won't turn into an unproductive lazy slob.

Which is quite true as ever since I went back I have been hitting the gym furiously to shed all the stupid pounds thanks to all the irresistible snacks at home. Besides all the homework and studying, I have to complete projects after projects for church. Plus this month have to help out in Sunday School again.

Not like I'm lazing around watching anime ok?! I missed 3 weeks of animes already plus Yun Yew's CSI discs are still left untouched. Need I even mention the 2 Korean movies Sha lent me? Even weekend I have to slave away in front of the comp designing slides.

Plus any free time left is used to search for colleges. I do NOT want to miss the bloody deadline again like last year. Who knew US universities only have fall semester and nothing else? In a quandary now.

In spite of all these, I'm still blogging something here instead of watching TV just so you people have something to read. Hmph. You people better be somewhat grateful hor.

Ok, some pictures from KL....

Took this from my hotel window. So cute. Like Hot Wheels lidat.

I finally went to a Japanese restaurant!!! Darn happy okay as I'm fascinated with everything Japan. I can speak enough Japanese to survive =)

Still haven't figure out how to say "Where is the toilet?" though...


KICKS GU BAK MEE TOOT ANY TIME!!!! My new favorite noodle dish! Freakin delicious till wanna die and go to food heaven from all the yummy goodness.

Honey Glazed Chicken (I think)

All the sushi goodness!

Japanese food are really expensive compared to others with the exception of Korean food. It's some thing like Chinese dim sum. Little but expensive.


Nah, I did my job and posted some pictures to brighten up my blog. You still want me to write some more?

Fine la. I shall because I might not get a chance when Monday starts all over again. I love my class now. The feeling of actually understanding fully what I'm learning is elating. I love accounts and econs and the list goes on...

Aha! It actually rhymes. Maybe I could be a great poet. I would write exciting poetry and my name shall go down in history. See?! Another rhyme and I didn't even need to think. I am PRO.

Here's a re-modification of Shakespeare's Sonnet 18...

"Thou' art like the wind....................................................................that passes through my a**"

Haha. Ok enough of poetry. Later I'll end up like Emily Dickinson; all alone with 27 cats. The horrors.

So where was I? Oh yea, form 6. Everything is super fun except Pengajian Perniagaan 2. Freakin boring till it makes watching the curtains billowing in the wind super interesting. Stupid book is filled with nothing but laws, laws and more laws. Toot.

Ok lar, I'm really lazy to continue on. I just want to relax and enjoy myself after working on MYF stuff since morning till just now.

Promise to blog tomorrow or maybe the day after.

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