Monday, May 28, 2007

Pink Mouse and Keyboard

Monday, May 28, 2007

Went shopping lately and bought a few things which are PINK! I’ve just gotten my own personal computer (sadly it’s not pink) so I’m really happy! Can blog from my room le =) I didn’t simply spend money okay. I really needed a computer of my own as MYF have lots of stuff to prepare at times so my sis would need to use the other comp and my dad the laptop leaving me panicking like siao with nothing to work on. With my own computer I can watch animes *cough* I mean do all my schoolwork and MYF stuff easily.

Ok on to the things I bought:

A PINK MOUSE! So cute!

Such a beautiful shade of pink le. Oooh, love my mouse!!!

Heh. I was searching high and low for a decent looking keyboard but all of them were black (eww) and the pure white ones were really expensive (I had to pay for it with my own money ok and no way am I spending RM80 on an ordinary keyboard) till I found this:

Completely PINK okay! I fell in love with it immediately and knew I have to have it. This keyboard is special from the rest as it is:

Hahahaha!!!! Like toy lidat. Can bend here and there. So fun! Can even throw it at people you dislike without fatally injuring them =P I bought it as it’s perfect for my pink bedroom and it saves space too! Can roll it up and dump it into my drawer when I’m studying and need more space. I’ll be honest though, it’s not as easy to type with compared to normal keyboards but it’s still usable. Quite good actually lar as long as you’re not doing heavy work like writing a novel. If you’re using a keyboard mainly for doing your schoolwork (like me) then it’s perfectly fine.

I bought the smaller version which exclude the number pad on the right as it’s cheaper and I hardly use them anyway. Hiyah, you’re right la! I bought it because it was pink and the rest of the excuses like saving space are just written to justify my actions in buying this keyboard. RM25 after discount. Oh, I bought all these at PC Image at Saberkas.

The color pink is addictive. It’s the ONLY color that can screw up your mind and change you into some insane pink addict that just has to buy that last pink thing you saw or else you’ll feel deprived. Seriously, what other favorite colors can do that? Black? White? Purple? I don’t think so. Pink is the only color that can force you to spend money on buying something you don’t really need just because it’s PINK. It’s also the color that puts you on ‘matching mode’ where you want every single item of yours to match each other in varying shades of pink. You don’t see people buying aqua colored cell phones and cameras and dustbins and sheets to match their aqua colored bedrooms just because their favorite color is aqua right? Which proves that pink is a possessive color where once something is pink and you’ve decided that it’s gonna be your favorite color, everything you own later would be pink. I have no idea why.

The good thing about people who loves pink till this extend is that they are very easy to satisfy. All you have to do is give them something pink and they are very happy liao. My friends and family knows this and always get me stuff in pink be it cell phone straps, earrings or bed sheets haha. Our joy is a 100 times more evident than those who receive stuff in their favorite colors other than pink. True! Don’t believe me then you go observe those devoted pink fanatics lor.

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