Monday, May 14, 2007


Monday, May 14, 2007

So annoyed now. I spent the whole day searching for the elusive turquoise Form 6 skirt but to no avail. Yes, I'm going to lower 6 Commerce after all because as you all probably know, my family would be only be moving to the States next year so I might as well wait and go together with them. Anyway, back to this stupid uniform. I spent the WHOLE day going ALL AROUND TOWN and couldn't find a SINGLE shop selling those hideous colored skirts. Yes, it's hideous ok! I think our Malaysian uniform is the ugliest of them all. Of all colors it just has to be a bright horrible aqua/turquoise color. Why can't we have sexy uniforms like Japan or Korea huh? I want a pleated black skirt!!! No matter ho hard I try, I cannot think of a way to beautify that horrendous Form 6 skirt. Ugh!

Oh, actually I did find one shop at India Street selling Form 6 skirts but it's freakin ugly. It's what A-line skirt with the longest hemline I've ever seen. I call it the "tent skirt". So ugly....In my opinion, the shorter the better. Hate long skirts. So Ah-Mah.

I should seriously get some shoes with shorter heels. Everywhere I go, people keep staring at me or to be exact, my legs and it's quite creepy at times. But really, the people there all look like potential rapists or something. What? True mar. I know you're probably saying :" So what do you need high-heels for? You're so bloody tall already!" but it's the concept of it...... I dislike flats. Makes you feel so common, so short, so blended in. I LOVE HEELS!!! It makes your legs look slimmer and longer =D You also feel a hell lot more confident about yourself. If you've never tried wearing one you should. Well, unless you're a guy...

Who cares if I'm tall? Tall people cannot wear high-heels mer? Don't care!! I love the attention! When I wear heels, everywhere I go I have all eyes on me. Restaurants, shops, the streets...Being tall seriously rules! Please stop all the you cannot find boyfriend' crap already -rolls eyes- I noticed that Kuching got quite a lot of cute tall guys so stuff it. I wouldn't know if there are more cute short guys than tall though cause if you're not in my line of vision then I probably wouldn't notice you *shrugs*

So back to the uniform. Every single tailor I went to said they don't sew anymore. Toot okay?! Sha said I should just cut off the top of my previous pinafore. The BAD news: I just discovered that I've stupidly donated my uniform to some charity drive. Plus I'm currently sporting the wrong hair color. It's like all elements are against me from going to Form 6. Very exhausted already! Don't ask me to dye back my hair or whatever. I hate my color now too as it has 'zhao sek' and is becoming lighter and lighter each day. I WILL dye it back some day so just shut up or I'll give you hell. Am frustrated enough already without all your incessant nagging. I'm FAT okay?! MISERABLE now! I look like a swollen blimp =( *wails desperately* I want to be uber skinny like last time. Shall limit myself to a grape a day. *just kidding ok*

By the way, just got my driving license. SUPER DUPER HAPPY!!!!! *big smile* Linkin Park CD here I come!!!!

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Matt said...

lol. i wonder why need to change the uniform for form 6 girls anyway. guys uniform for form 6 seems the same. haha.