Monday, August 21, 2006

Willie's 17th Birthday

Monday, August 21, 2006

Finally finished editing all the pics. Sorry it took so loooong. Was busy playing games studying. Well, MOST of them are done....Nasha still haven't sent me the other half...*Which includes most of my face hmph*...But not fair to keep you guys waiting so post whatever I have done lor ehehehe.

Okay. So we held a surprise birthday party for Willie at school. It was on a Saturday (1 day before his actual birthday) as we had school on that day. Ok. Enough talking. On to the pictures....

Since Willie as we all know is so darn rich *unlike poor lil me* and have nearly EVERYTHING a guy could want, naturally we had one hell of a headache trying to come up with a present that would interest him. In the end, we realize that its hopeless so ended giving something with sentimental values. A CUP WITH OUR FACES ON IT. We chose the above pic for the cup. Brilliant eh??? It's something he doesn't have, something he can remember us by when he's old, a SpEcIaL cup to drink out of or hold his stationeries plus it's affordable for all of us =P. I wonder if he received it yet???

This is Willie. Until now, Not. One. Single. Girl. Has. Managed. To. Capture. His. Heart. *We should have bought him an ice-pick to make it easier for people to touch his heart lolz*

Self-proclaimed leng loi's. Everytime ask to borrow their phones, they say and I quote: "Li mian hen duo mei nu zhao pian" (inside a lot of pretty girls pics). Then I open the folders only to find....all their faces in EVERY single photos. *sweat* Or else everytime ask them go out ALWAYS say cannot. Why? Cause "mei nu pa ren jia hui kacau" (afraid people would disturb pretty girls like them). The sad thing is they are indeed.....pretty. =( haha I shall go do platic surgery liaw then let's see who shall be more mei =P

** Yes. We know we Rock. ^__^ **

Okay, so that's all I have for the time being. Actually we took like a gazillion shots BUT it's ALL with Sha and until she finds a way to pass them to me, I shall just end it here for the time being.

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