Sunday, August 27, 2006

Butter Chicken Rice

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Finally.....I got to eat my "Butter Chicken Rice". For 1 whole month, I had this huge craving for this dish. And not just any butter chicken but the ones they serve at Yew Fook Cafe. Everytime I want to go there, ALWAYS beh seng cuz it's either :

A) Parents busy
B) Missed the turning
C) Darn shop didn't open
D) Family wanted to eat at someplace else
F) Mummy cooked already

I tried alternatives at like 5 different restaurants but the butter chicken ar, just never tasted the same. Make me so irritated for the whole month nia. I swear it is that heavenly...chicken pieces swimming in rich buttery milky sauce overflowing over to your rice...warm and creamy...I don't care how fattening it is. If being fat means you get to eat this dish anytime you want without a worry in the world....So. Be. It.

Who cares if it doesn't look that delicious here?! Blame my crappy camera.

Tonight I can finally sleep in peace. Ahhh.

Yes!! The last day of teaching Sunday School. I had ENOUGH of little kids. Last year's batch were kwai and cute. This year's kids are nothing but a hellish nightmare. Tiu here and there. Scream & shout like barbarians. Throw stuff everywhere. What so-and-so stole my sweets, kick me etc. All so bo kuan. Always must OBEY them. I wanna ram my head into the wall just teaching them. Better than going nuts.

That's it. I don't want to have kids in the future liaw. By that time, the Japanese would probably invent cute lil mechanical babies with realistic looking human skin and features. They would interact with you by cooing sweetly at you and smile happily all day long. NO crying. NO screaming. NO anything bad. Save money + no hassles. Yes. Comfirm I buy.

Holidays over liao. Back to school. Don't wanna go back!! *wails* Next month a lot of people b'day again. I no money buy you guys presents liaw. I wanna buy MY exercise machine. It costs RM400 and I have to pay for it myself. So expect a lot of "It's the thought that counts" gifts from me muahahahaha. Go school must study again. See that walrus of a Jarina again. I DUN WANNA GO BACK!!! *howls* (Sha: "But then you won't get to see X.") *stops wailing abruptly* Yea hor.....but then you weigh the 2 options.....STILL NOT WORTH IT.


eiLeEnz said...

u go girl..
wif ur butter.. chicken rice..
looks yummy..
dat explains my size
had been eatin like a pig lately

Shen said...

u dont wan to have kids?
are u sure hahaha !!
u can delete that sentence..before u regret haha

BluE's BluE said...

u taste like chicken..

Shen said...

lolz..taste like chicken ?