Friday, August 11, 2006

Immature Pests

Friday, August 11, 2006

Am quite peeved because my SUPPOSED best friend refuse to tell me something.....

I am also VERY annoyed and irritated by the some of the Malay guys in our school. Damn sien see them. I wish they would all be banned from school. Sickening. Now I am not being racist here. I just hate intensely dislike SOME of the Malay guys. Some are okay, like my class ones. I'm talking about the ones that always go around in large numbers trying to act cool by talking LOUDLY but failing miserably.

The one thing I HATE the most about them is they like to kacau nice, innocent Chinese me and Sha. Do you know how intimidating they are?? One HUGE group of Malay guys leering and trying to hit on you and you're all ALONE. Ciken. Happen many times liao. If I happen to catch you touching my hair ONE MORE TIME, I shall freakin land a hard slap on your idiotic face. I so really want to give them a piece of my mind but seeing the ratio of 10:1, I just ignore them for the sake of my safety.

These brainless group of people are dangerous too. One of my classmate got molested by them gok. She's such a sweet girl again pula. Did not dare to report them. Toot. I don't get one thing..Why are the Malays exempted from Moral?? No wonder everytime got moral problems, most of them happen to be those group of people. You go open the newspaper lar. Chinese very seldom got rape case one. My point is they SHOULD take Moral. Agama is agama. Like I STILL have to take Moral even when I also take bible classes.

I can't even feel safe in my school. Everytime I see them, I have to take a long detour just to avoid them. So ma huan. They always go up to you and strike up stupid ridiculous conversation with a miang look on their face. Some even reach out to try to touch you. I warn you people hor, I DO NOT keep quiet like that classmate of mine. I shall turn around and kick you hard in the balls if you mess with me. I go out with one big group on guys surrounding me, those Malay guys on the streets STILL dare to kacau me. Sienz. Can't go out during the night anymore.

Some very immature again. They think hiding from Ang by crawling on through the corridors on their knees is very cool. You should see them. Like James Bond wannabe. Darting here and there shouting up and down trying to escape detection. The. Lamest. Thing. I. Ever. Saw. I teach you how lar. Just SHUT UP and slip out QUIETLY idiot. You run back and forth for like 5 freakin times still stuck at the staircase nia. I only take 30 seconds already safely escaped into the library.

Grrr....I still very besong those people. Can't even stroll around the school in peace.

Toot you people lar, go kacau the girls of your own race and leave us ALONE.


Nasha said...

lols...knot tell u larr. hehehe i tell u on ur bday k..wait a few months..very song hor 2day take so many photos!! oh yea i reallie cant stand those malay guys..sheessshhh..!

Shen said...

wow..they are so pro..they molested one of ur classmate ?

let me know the guy? i'll try to molest him back? haha