Monday, September 18, 2006

Kepo Aunty

Monday, September 18, 2006


fLoR-MoMok said...

ahem.. tall che.. u left me out again.. sobsob:'(

Shen said...

i love this kind aunty..
is she playing msn or watever? haha maybe i can chat with her

by the way, can i go this c0ming Sunday? haha
dont forget me ah..i write so many comments for u ler..
im the top COMMENTERS haha

Hana said...

@Flor : I didn't left u out. This comming Sat my dad would annouce in MYF invite ALL the youth who wants to come thn come. I didn't even invite my own frens cuz GOT EXAMS ARRR!!! SIENZ! FIZIK KIMIA BIO ALL IN ONE GO! Wana die. But of course u wanna come thn COME LAH! House open wide recieve u lolz.

@Shen: U wanna come? u no exams mer? OH YEA U COMMERCE PPL NOT FAIR FINISH EARLY! Grr...k lah. come lah. bring along a fren o two if u want BUT MUST be someone I know also. hahaha. k see u there =P By the way, since u sooo eng always comment u can also promote my blog muahahaha. I shall hire u as my plubicity agent haha. Maybe. =P

BluE's BluE said...

tiao.. dat kind of ppl oso got meh?? simply insult one! if dat aunty wanna insult my funiture, she is insulting my mum! i dun give a chance yo.. tell me who is dat old crinkled yucky doopy aunty! this sun i'll be comin, ur dad invited me, i'll help! ; )
lol, i bet next time the aunty come to ur house, she'll say, wah gilbert.. ur house is so DAMN GOOD!!


Matt said...

wow wow. suku aunty. if the aunty dunno my mum or dad, i sure shoot back. yea, we finish test 1st. but we test non-stop for 2 weeks. u guys have rest like 4-5 days. and next monday to wednesday we gotta go skool. -_-"

Shen said...

aduh..hannah..u so ajak ajak ayam like this haha im afraid to go to ur house ler
matt,..bring me go to hannah's house..since..she asked me to come liaw

oh man..i will say something about her house juz like the aunty? haha

Shen said...

hey..ur sister Ariel..knows how to design 'buildings' hia?
can u ask her to design my'room' i wan to have something like..romantic room haha

then i'll chia her makan la?
isnt that a nice idea?
teh c peng or teh o peng also can problem la haha!!

Shen said...
come and support me ler hehe =P

Hana said...

you say somethg nasty about my house, i will throw u into my barbeque pit. If i got bbq tht day lar. if dun have nvm..I'll throw u into the fish pond and u can swim with the fishies. Matt..wanna come?? bring lian shen , malcolm, abigail thm lah. If u want lah. Hahaha so dun say I din ajak u commerce side ppl WHO NO MORE EXAMS! not fair =P

Shen said...

matthew.........plz reply NOW!!
u %#@$&#$(#^%#%#%#*(%#*
i mean NOW cant u see
u !%@#*@$^#%#%)#%&#$#)$#(!

tired la..go sleep liaw...