Sunday, September 17, 2006

Jelly Beans

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Man, until now still sick. It's not fair I tell you. Other people only get one illness at a time whereas everytime I get sick ar I always have to get all illness in one go. Like got package for me lidat. Cough, Flu, Fever, Headache, Sore Throat....Sian. Feel so weak and helpless. Not a nice feeling at all.

Haha very happy and relieve that Abigail does not hate me. She is not quite nice but SUPER nice lolz. Since I'm in such a happy mood I shall forgive all those trouble-makers too. Partly also because I have no voice or strength to yell at you too hehe so count yourself lucky.....this time.

Jelly beans are horrible. Just now I saw a half eaten packet on the table with the words Australian Jelly Beans and greedily snatch it up to my room to eat. I pop one into my mouth and immediately got a taste of toothpaste and detergent. Ewww...I panicked and thought I ate something poisonous instead and tore frantically at the wrapping to comfirm it was indeed Jelly Beans. It was ler and even the shape of the candy also like bean but then it just doesn't taste like what I thought it should be so I thought maybe one of my silly sis go and re-use the bag to put some toxic stuff in like mothballs. *the horror* Of course I start screaming like siaw for my sisters. Who knows? Maybe can die on the spot. Scared bar. They said it was indeed Jelly Beans given by friends. *phew* Relief lar I tell you after hearing that. I won't die. Muahahaha.

So I grabbed the whole thing back and resume eating them. The taste still sucked but I still kept on eating it. Why? Cuz humans very funny lar hor, when they read or heard something about how nice some things taste and even if they didn't think it did they will keep on eating it to convince themselves it actually taste that good. Everybody say bor, so must be ler, maybe I tasted wrongly just now? Better try again.

I was just like that. Pitiful hor? I've read in books, watched in t.v. shows, heard from numerous people on just how NICE jelly beans are so my brain partly brainwashed by them liaw. When I said I don't like it they all go "Impossible! How can you not like it? People in western countries simply adore this sweet." So I kept thinking it MUST be nice...just that I'm not used to the taste...nevermind, maybe if I eat long enough, the taste would come. Maybe it's an 'aquired' taste like wine, must drink slowly and many times then can 'feel' the taste. Plus it's from Australia. Imported
goods ar. Must not waste. So 1 bean, 2 beans, 3 beans, 4 beans........*gasp* empty liaw mer!!! I finished the whole thing?! *stares at bag in horror* Nooo! I'm gonna be fat liaw.. FAT!!! And the end result??? I STILL HATE IT.

Flan it lar. Half packet of sugar carelessly dumped into my body just like that. All because of my kiasu-ness. Eating like no tomorrow just to desperately get the same taste like what other tasted. Impossible it should not taste nice to me. So I can be just like them, can proudly say 'I LOVE Jelly Beans' when people talk about it. But it didn't work. No sudden burst of sweetness. No flowers started blooming. Nor was there any sudden music or crazy dancers appearing singing about how good something tasted like in the commercials. It still tasted like poison to me. The worst thing is now I have to burn off all those stupid sugar now. I've learned my lesson liaw. I shall NEVER EVER let other people opinions influence me anymore. Not even harmless stuff like food. If it sucks, it sucks. End of story. No more foolishly trying to adapt myself to their tastes.

One last thing, I declare that I HATE JELLY BEANS!!! Don't give a flying fish on what the world says. Shall never eat them again. Nothing you say can ever change my mind. Don't you dare buy them for me. Hmph, have to go and exercise now to get rid of all those fattening sugars. Bye.


'-haRaJuku II said...

wow..u say i'm nice again!! xD now i can die happy,thx doll..keep in up!^^haha..i'm gonna try da jelly beans..hmmm..shud be nice..xD

Shen said...

who is the trouble maker ? haha can u let me know ? or let us know ? we will help u

eiLeEnz said...

u mean..
aunty jenny's jellybeans??
i agree..
it suCkz..
gay ass..
taste like detergent!