Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blue Lil Book

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I hate Add Maths. I hate Bio. I hate Chem. In fact I hate all Science subjects. Keh liao one. I don't even want to do anything related to these subs in the future. In fact, I'm going to take accounting and business in university anyway. The only reason I stayed in science stream was because I was quite cluessless on my future that time and mainly so I can snobbishly say that I'm in the best class when people asked me. But people still don't believe me anyway. Maybe I should stop wearing skirts and start wearing pants. *thoughtful look* Nah, no way. =P

Anyway, while I was digging through all my reference books today a tiny little blue notebook fell out....

Haha. This book contains me and Sha's deepest, darkest secrets. So basically, if you manage to get your hands on this book you can practically blackmail us. But so far, we're good in hiding it from prying eyes. =P We nearly lost it to Sik Hsiang though. We had to whack him so hard just to pry it out of his hands. Poor him. One minute he was grinning like a cat and the next he was black & blue all over. Oh well, serves him right =P

I LOVE this book. Everytime when we're bored or sad, all we have to do is read a few pages from this book and would immediately be happy. I'll let you guys have a peek in it though. Of course, the darker secrets shall still remain secret hehe. Our reputation is at stake. HAHA.

This has got to be one of my cheesiest crush ever. I barely know him. He was just cute and I was getting over a rejection so yea....I threw all my energy into this silly crush to forget the depression at that time. When was this again? 2004? Can't remember liaw...I think Nasha and Wins was SO SICK of hearing about my constant ramblings about him. I'm surprised they could actually stand me. If it was me, I would have thrown them into the ocean to shut them up. I'm not talking about every few hour but every few seconds. Wow. You guys are amazing friends. Lurve u both! =D

We may be in the best class but we are seriously airheads at times. Which is why most guys in our class can barely stand us sometimes. Like Christopher Chung. But we are still VERY LIKABLE lar hor?! Because they know that we never back stab them and would always gladly help them when they need it. Seriously, we do. Yet, most of them still remain ungrateful and NEVER help us when we need help. Best class sucks sometimes. All kiasu people. Sienz.

Nasha is SCARY at times. I never knew she so brutal one. Must take extra care to not offend her royal highness in the future. Later my head disappear. *gasp* -btw, I drew the top eyes only. The rest of the red bloodied artwork is purely hers-

It's true that everyone needs a best friend. They always cheer you up. I'm glad I found Sha. =)

Girls are really wu liao. We created a 2005 list before but it was also uncompleted after no.6. We just never had the heart to go and really rate them. They are ALL our friends and we think they are ALL handsome and lovable. =) Of course, I think X is still the cutest. =P

Too much stress leads to madness. I'm worried for Sha's health. One minute all lovey-dovey then the next all murderous. Who is her boyfriend ar? Better treat her nice or else I shall hunt you down...

Got so many others but I'm lazy to post them liaw. Plus, later some lame people who can't take a joke might be offended and we don't want enemies. And the rest are all *ahem* not for you people to know. We prefer that you guys keep on thinking that we are innocent pure angelical girls *winks*


Shen said...

am i in the cute list? haha
if im in ..plz tell me..
i dont mind and i wont mind.. haha

if im not in the list..dun tell me haha..i dont wan and wont wan to know...haha alibaba

wenLi said...

oh my's dat book!!...EVIL~~~>.< hahahah

Hana said...

Who?? we?? *halos shinning brighter than ever* What's evil? *innocent stare* I only know good =)

Wins' said...

the book has magical powers? i'll get it n turn ppl into frogs :p hahaha

Shen said...


eileen said...

wah.. i am so impressed with u and nasha's friendship..glad that u found such a best fren..the book so cool..wau..