Saturday, July 1, 2006

Quick! Somebody Come Gimme A Panadol!!!

Saturday, July 1, 2006

I was surfing the net aimlessly when I stumbled upon a blog. Barely 3 seconds has passed and I already got a headache liaw. This person loves using cheem cheem words for every sentence -which is already kinda annoying- and the worse thing is that he got ALL the usage WRONG!!!! Let me show you his post....*Click all images to enlarge*

Very "tao hin" (headache) after reading it right??? Don't worry, I sympatize with you too, so nah give you Panadol...

Feeling better? =P

I shall now attempt to correct all his mistakes for your easy reading pleasure....

Haiyar....If ur english isn't that good JUST STICK TO USING SIMPLE WORDS OK?? Why use bombastic words that you don't even fully understand?? Who do you think you are?? Hannah Sim ar?? =P

Even me, whose english can be considered quite good (hehe) also uses simple terms and sometimes even other languages like hokkien or chinese. I always check the dictionary too when i'm unsure of something.

Haih....from his post I deduce that he is a wanna-be-pai-kia who fails many times in life, wishes that he was the hot guy every girl wants to date, always get in trouble at school just to get attention and the list goes on....

*By the way he brings new meaning to the chinese idiom "man3 jiang1 hong2" (whole stream red = bad results). In fact, after much consideration it should be "man3 hai3 hong2" (whole sea red) wahahaha =P


Lea said...

That was hilarious! You’ll make a really, really ‘great’ English teacher.. buahaha!

Shen said...

hi..hannah you (is) dupper supper lihai..i suspect u hannah ..
your is a (witty) and (ambidextrous) teachist which we suspect u so very much and we wills everytime and always and all the 'clock' <--time
sopporting u..

'on' the i know 'which' people is that
i wantS to know him.
i thinkS i wanted to make a new and fresh friend with him

Hana said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! ure goooood....lolz...dun worry..I see what I can do for you hahahahaha!!! btw, wan tuition?? I charge RM20 per hr hahaha...worth it u know =P

Shen said...

yeah lets me knows the persons whiich had been written these blocg

Wins said...

She is superly funs to be a friend with..Hannah..If u will Lyk to let me know..It would be gorgeuos person u are.Lets Me know That People plews..shan you shan you.Lift Shen High high to the sky..LetS have a fresh time to be a friend with him =)