Monday, July 3, 2006


Monday, July 3, 2006

I know some of you are insisting that I move to blogspot but the reason I didn't is because I've no time to do the layout for it. It looks complicated actually I'm just lazy and until I find someone to help me design a beautiful layout or until I exceed my photos limit here baru I move hehe. At least here I got an excuse for this blog's plain design: "Friendster design limited one so bopien lor" =P Maybe after SPM then I move...

And now, on to other topics. Yesterday at Tun Jugah I finally believed in love at first sight....

I asked my lil sis to pose with it =P

That has gotta be one of the most beautiful bag I've seen this year. Urm, the poor quality photo is due to my lousy phone camera. It's really nice in real life. It costs around RM40 after discount. I WANT it!!! Just as I'm about to reach out and claim it as mine my mum goes....


Me : Why??

Mum : You already have SEVEN bags at home!

Me : *puzzled look* Umm...and your point is??

Mum : You got 7 hands ar?! Plus I hardly see you use them.

Me : That's because you hardly let me go out to show??

Mum : That is NOT the point. Learn how to save money.

Me : But I AM wad...50% percent discount bar...*duh*

Mum : So?? I'm not going to pay for you.

Me : Don't lor...I pay myself lar...

Mum : You think your money come from where? Sky ar? It's your dad's

Me : Give me then should become MY money liao bar...make no sense
one you...

Mum : Don't argue with me. I AM YOUR MOTHER. I say PUT BACK you PUT
BACK. *smirks*

Me : *grumbles* *puts it back*

Hmpf....everytime when we reason with each other and she discover she "mei hua hao jiang" (speechless) she would ALWAYS use that "I AM YOUR MOTHER" line and proceed to consider the entire matter solved. ISH! The fastest way to rule the world is to befriend all mothers and get them to always side you so whenever anyone disagrees with your opinions just get their mothers to use that line on them to shut them up. Guarantee you would be the 2nd most powerful person on earth (ur mum is still more powerful remember?).

I still don't get the point. I only got 7 mar...not like 10 or 20 bags. Plus I still don't have a "sporty" type of bag to match my jeans and that bag was perfect. I should have bought it. *regrets* The worse thing was after a few mins I saw my beloved bag being held by a girl *grr...hands off my precious!!!* and later purchased *NOOOOO!!!!* *crack* *that was my heart breaking* all under 3 *heart-wrenching* minutes. *cries* Not fair! It doesn't even look good on her. She looks & dresses like a maid. It's so obvious that the bag would look hotter on me and my outfit. Now the beauty of that bag is ruin.... *sniff*

Wait....I still remember got ONE more bag....I believe that there are still some kind-hearted people in this world....So if you are one of them...Buy it for me pretty please??? *huge puppy dog eyes* It would be one of the nicest gift I will ever receive...=)


eiChi said...

hey hey~! i can help u to design leh~ but just the banner lah :p i'd helped my cousins n my sis to do their blogs oledy :p

Kenny Limit said...

haha.. i enjoy reading your blog