Saturday, July 1, 2006

I'm Back...Miss Me?

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Wahahaha I got my connection back. But I still don't have my computer as some idiot infiltrate my computer with viruses. *TooT* Anyway, it's been weeks since I last blog. Soo annoying you know when you got something you just had to blog and u remember that you DO NOT have an internet connection.

This was the cake I baked for Timothy's birthday last month. I know lar, the icing is cacated, was distracted by other stuff mar. Never mind about that, the important thing is its delicious, I managed to impress his mum and he loves it. By the way, it's white chocolate cheesecake. The party was fun. I was the only girl lolz. Why am I always the only girl when all the guys go out ar? Dunno whether to feel insulted or honoured. Hmpf. long as they dun take me for a guy I'm happy liao. Bah. I miss Tim. Sometimes make me so mad at him for leaving me just like that to deal with all the pain and hurt alone and all I want to do is hate him. But then sometimes when I see him my heart softens again. Ish, sometimes I hate myself for being so weak.

Ahh...somebody go concoct a potion liao to make my heart like this so I won't feel anything haha.

Look how beautiful the colors are...The prettiest chem experiment we ever did so far. Although I have no idea what was the reason we had to do this experiment hehe....who cares...IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Yesterday was report card day. Bah. Stupid card. WHY in the world did I want to go to the best class??!! I remember during the first week of Form 4, I was in 4H instead cause my Chinese got a Crappy C in my PMR. Stupid subject ruin my chance to get straight A's. I don't wanna be Chinese liao...From now on I shall be a "banana".

As I was saying, I was in 4H which was at that time known as the class with the HOTTEST guys. And due to my constant inability to be punctual haha I was had no choice but to sit with the guys. So song man, all around you is engdao kias muahahaha. Heaven. But after 2 days I was transferred to 4J. Say hello to stress, geniuses, nerds, annoying teachers and the list goes on. *sigh* But I discovered that after I moved, most of the cute guys follow suite and transfer to commerce stream. So I guess I din miss out much. What a comforting thought. At least most of those hot guys are some of my closest friends now wahahaha....

This is where my report card truly belongs. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE!!! Brings depression nia.

I was walking around school today and noticed that our arrogant bastard of a principal beloved principal has install more new fences. YaY....NOT!!! I do not like it much cause:

1. The colours and design looks like something from a kindergarten.

2. I feel inhibited. Got a "stuffy" kind a feeling.

3. Causes "human jams" as you always get idiots who walks slower than a freakin snail.

4. One more place for crawling red ants.

But the reason I dislike it so much is mainly caused by reason number 4. I CANNOT STAND red ants.

Everytime I see a bunch of them scurrying around, I drive myself CRAZY trying to find a can of Ridsect to bring their population closer to extinction. I feel so IRRITATED and FUSTRATED when I have none at hand. I would find other ways like drowning them in water or burning them to ashes with fire to soothe my soul. Nothing beats the sastifaction of seeing the entire colony being wiped out by ME! Muahahaha.....

What??!! You think it's a pretty picture??? Siao! Darn annoying ar. My sister is just barely able to restrain me from spraying my computer screen with Ridesct now. I CANNOT for the life of me understand how those National Geographic people can actually take close-up photos of these pests. If it was me, I would snap a picture then procceed to wipe them out with a blow-torch. Oh the JOY of seeing them squirming around trying so hard to hang onto whatever miserable life they have left.

***Please take note that I only feel this way towards ants. Oh and flies too. I love animals and it hurts me too when I see them in pain. But for ants...SORRY LAR...As long as there is breath in me, I shall continue my ongoing war with them.


eiChi said...

lol~ i totally agree with u about the fence thingy. gosh, i just hope tat the principal would use his money on..maybe AIR-CONsss rather thn spending it on sum over-bloomed flowers n fences X.X

eiChi said...

btw, MOVE TO BLOGSPOT!! XD blogspot is the best place for bloggers :D