Monday, April 9, 2007


Monday, April 9, 2007

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I finally have my own Hi-Fi! *smile smile smile* All of my sis have their own individual one ages ago. So toot one. K lar, mine isn't exactly a Hi-Fi. More of something like a disc player? Cause I went to my dad's shop to look around and all the Hi-Fi's are so huge and ugly. Maybe Hi-Fi's are supposed to look like that though *shrugs* Anyway, I wanted something small so I got this CD/VCD player with small speakers. So cute! I dunno how to describe lar. Maybe I'll post a pic of it next time when I stop feeling lazy =P

The setback is that it can't play MP3's =( My daddy feels a lil bad about it and insists on buying me a better one that can play pendrives too *crosses fingers for luck* No, I didn't pester him to buy one ok (not that mean), he just want to buy for me (and who in their right mind would wanna object right?). But I don't really care, in fact I'm very happy with my current player liao. All I want is to play my CD's which friends bought for me over the years. All gather dust nia.

Went to PC Fair yesterday with my dad and Ariel. SO MANY PEOPLE LAR!!! No fun one. Nothing to buy also 'cept discs. Bleh~ Met lots of friends there. We also saw the Sony Bravia flat screen LCD. OMIGOSH!! The colour is gorgeous!!! So darn sharp! Best of all, so FREAKIN CHEAP!!! RM9999 only! Last time I remember flat screens were like RM48000? It's like there isn't any screen at all. Every single color was filtered until it looks like every frame was photoshopped.

Just came back from my driving lessons. I really suck at manual driving. So many things to control. You think I'm what? Octopus ar?! Why the hell must we learn manual???!!! Does it look like I'm going to buy a manual car EVER? So bloody stupid. Hate hate hate the stupid JPJ rules. They're just trying to fail me so they can earn more money. Have a feeling that I'll never pass, hmph. Shall be driving with Sha this Thursday. Haha, wanna see if she's any better off than me =P

Hou Kee's going off to Russia today. Another betrayer. Am I the only one stuck here in Kuching?! Anyway, send him all your last wishes while you can. So Hou Kee, I'm wishing you a safe journey to Russia and may you find a hot Russian babe as perverted as you. God bless~


dominic said...

hm... which part of Russia is ur friend going to? mb can intro me? heehee seldom got chance to meet new friends from Kuching...

wins said...

Ahaha kee kee become betrayer! lol

Hana said...

oh russia got many parts?? *bimbo stare* haha, ive no idea. nvr tot to ask. actually, i admit i owez tot russia was a whole where everyone goes to the same place hahaha. He's Hou Kee ler. Ha, he loves meeting new ppl. Nah, his friendster url:

dominic said...

=_=" of coz got many parts lar... read ur world atlas *cocky voice* Moscow alone is larger than the peninsular states of Malaysia