Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hou Kee's Party

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Celebrated at Friendship Park. Neh, the one with the huge statue of that Laksamana Cheng Ho aka as 'tai jian' aka 'eunuch' aka 'the guy with his balls cut off'.

You know, Sha looks uncannily like Pn. Poh here.

Satay kambing. Freakin delicious!

Cake time...

Yes, you've seen it before ok. It's exactly the same as Nasha's cake last year. American chocolate. Sweet till can die.

Nyaaha, I got cake!

I swear that that's what he's really thinking about. I mean, can you see his smile? Quite miang haha.

Camwhoring is essential in every girl's life.

Adrian, Alywin, Kee Xian and yours truly.

June. The girl Hou Kee's been talking about his whole life. I finally get to meet her =)

Bah! Spoil my pretty photo nia.

Ah, much much better.

Hmm...I am too blond or should I say brown. The colour is perfectly fine until the flash hits it then I transform into an angmoh (according to Wins) So many pictures ruin because of my hair. Had to photoshop it. It sucks all the more when I'm standing next to Sha. She is like so oriental and makes my hair stands out even more. Sian. Dowan dye anymore liao.

His secret fetish are handbags. Enough said.

They say that the fish adores girls only and would not eat the bread thrown by guys. That I do not know but what I know is the fish on one side sibeh hao lien one. We throw pieces of bread and they just ignore it unlike the other side where all the cute fishies come to eat in joy.

Ok no more photos liao. The rest turned out too dark till Photoshop also cannot save no matter how hard I try. Ahh, my camera sucks. Apparently, good things doesn't always come in small packages.

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