Monday, June 12, 2006

Gifts For Guys & Girls : The Difference

Monday, June 12, 2006

Okay, starting from this month onwards is an on-going string of birthdays. And since most of them would be guys I am having the MOTHER OF ALL HEADACHES on what to give them. *clutches head and whine*

Every single year I have to go through this agonizing process on trying to come up with presents guys ACTUALLY like. Ask any girl and I bet they all will agree with me. It's especially hard when the guy is your close friend and lots of thoughts had to be put into it. Shopping for guys is just really HARD!!!

On the other hand, buying presents for girls is as easy as ABC. Why? you ask. Because girls accept nearly everything and as long you give us something, we would be very happy. Here's a simple guide for both guys and girls on what to buy for girls....

1. What to buy for girls you aren't that close with:

a) Soft toys (they would gush on for hours on how cute it is)

b) Decorative ornaments (they can display it for all to see)

2. What to buy for girls who are your good friends:

a) Soft toys (I tell you this can NEVER go wrong)

b) Meaningful stuff (with 'friendship' written all over it like a friendship bracelet)
c) Food (like chocolates or sweets)

3. What to buy for girls who are your close friends:

a) Soft toys (Just that this time the toy must be bigger & more expensive looking)

b) Jewelry (Aha MOST girls LOVES this)

c) Cake (celebrate it at school so she would feel darn special)

d) Clothes (make sure whatever you get DOES NOT make her look fat)

4. What to buy for girls who are your BEST friends:

1 rule only : Buy her what she wants. Ask her months before hand on what she likes and try to find out her interests. If fact you SHOULD know what she wants cause she is your BEST friend FOR GOODNESS SAKE and for those who DARE say they have no idea: Go jump off a cliff. We won't miss you.

*Price mostly ranges from RM 20 to RM 100*

5. What to buy for your girlfriends (for guys):

Anything extremely nice that she can brag and show-off endlessly to her girlfriends.

Now coming to guys....everytime we are stuck on getting what they want and would actually use. Most of the time we get fed up cracking our heads *and still coming up with nothing* and end up buying the same stuff like shirts, ties, basketballs or drumsticks. And for the closer friends we buy stuff like cd's or the same list as above *just that this time it's a little more of the expensive kind*

And not to mention the fact that most of the stuff for guys are freakin expensive compared to girls (take a cute looking soft toy that only costs you RM7 and still managed to get her so excited about it for an example). You can't buy guys soft toys too cuz that is just SO WRONG!!

SO GUYS....give us suggestions on what you guys don't mind for a present. Something that we can afford also lar and not something hiaw....You'll make me and the rest of the girls life MUCH MUCH easier....=D


Lawson said...

hmm, a T-shirt will be nice or a pair of shoes. Depends on his age and interests.

Hana said...

But I buy that for my friends nearly every year....*moans*

MaY said...

*snicker* last time i actually bought reference books for two of my gal frens...I'll never do it again. U can add that to the list of "what NOT to buy for girls".

LeiStEr said...

Sorry sis, but I dont like soft toys, buy me soft toys and u'll nvr get invited back to my party~! NEVER!