Monday, June 12, 2006

New Bag

Monday, June 12, 2006

Oh wow!!! Malcolm and Iggy ACTUALLY bought something for me during their trip to Cambodia. I really didn't believe them when they said they would...Hahaha, now I got ANOTHER bag to add to my ever-growing collection of bags lolz *to the dismay of my parents who keeps complaning I have too many stuff*...Pfft, Like a girl CAN EVER have too many stuff....*rolls eyes*

The bag....Now I wonder what can I use it for??

I think it's made from tree fibres or something like that. Cambodia many trees...or so I think. See, now I can play a part in being enviromental friendly hehe. I've decided that this shall be my beach bag or something along that line. Since it's all 'nature-looking' and spacious enough for my lotions, sunblocks, sunglasses, swimsuit whatever...

Aww...You guys are really SWEET. Yes, I've changed my mind about Iggy liao...since he bought this bag too so I'll take back what I wrote in the previous post (at least for now lar). And I am sincerely GLAD that Iggy has enough moral values to prevent that pervert MALCOLM from buying us g-strings and stuff....

Actually, they both have gotten more perverted after that trip. Everyday they go around asking people to *toot* them in Cambodian. They said they learned it from a pimp who aproached them on the streets in Cambodia hahaha....and malcolm even wanted to ask for the price but too bad his phone chose to ring at that moment

Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH lar guys. Actually remembered me and Sha. I LOVE MY FRIENDS. I REALLY DO. =D

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