Sunday, June 11, 2006

Don't Wanna Be Me

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Today is the last of the school holidays *laments loudly*. I wanna go out and have fun for at least ONE day so ask Ken to ask Iggy take us out this afternoon. Iggy suggested night time but I can't cuz no way my parents allow me to go out the night before a school day. Ken said : "You go ask him change lar" when I asked him to help me change his mind. Bah! some help *mutters* So bopien, decided to try some some skills. Operation 'change Iggy mind' starts now.....

1) The Leave-Him-No-Chance-2-Refuse SMS

Me : Hey, afternoon lar cuz nite my parents dun allow becuz next day
got school.....So afternoon yea? Can come fetch me?? YaY!!Thx.
You're so kind and sweet....Bye =)

Nah...He cannot say no liao right??? Because if he does then that would mean admitting he isn't a sweet and kind person...Muahahaha...

Iggy : Cannot cannot cannot...Afternoon got tuition...Really cannot.
Sry....Nite thn can lar....Dun need worry 2 bout sch wan la...

*ToOt* Of all days to have tuition why SUNDAY!!! And I ming ming told you its my parents who DO NOT ALLOW me going out the night before school, NOT me not wanting to go in the night because I'll be worrying about school...So tell me for got use. Say cannot THREE times again, hmpf...I've decided you are NOT sweet liao....

2) The Pity-Poor-Lil-Me SMS

Me : It's my parents who won't allow not me not wanting to go....So
guess I don't get a chance to enjoy the last day of hols...*sad look*
Nvm lo I understand tuition is more important.....*tryin hard not to
cry*.....Byebye n take care~

Hmm...sad enough??? You should AT LEAST feel a little twinge of guilt and sadness lar right? I mean look...a happy innocent little girl is going to miss out a chance to enjoy her holidays and you still want to go tuition mer...Let's see the options:

A) You go to tuition and spend the entire day listening to the boring teacher drone on & on and you start to fall asleep thus failing to learn anything.

B) You get a CHANCE to put a smile back on this sad girl's face, you get to enjoy yourself too plus you ARE doing a GOOD DEED here so I'm sure you would BE BLESSED in the future!!! See...B is so much more worth it. Plus I'm already being as sweet as possible to you and Ken told me you could skip the tuition if you really wanted to.

Iggy : Haha...Don't like that....My tuition is just next door...I can't do
anything also...Really...Byeeeeee

Double *ToOT*. I'm trying to sound as pityful as possible and you still can haha...Hmpf really heartless...If people ask you donate to the ke lian Tsunami victims you also go "haha, don't like that...I need my money to bet on the FIFA World Cup. Sry, can't do anything." izit?? You should know what is more important mar...Now I can hear some of you going : "But tiu so much for what...your problem is you can't go out today nia mar not something drastic like you lost your home...So whats there to be sad about huh?!"


I lost my chance of being with my friends which is like losing your close ones. I lost part of my life (yes, holidays are an important part of my life). They have to endure hardships of a new life and I have to endure the pain and hardships of a new semester PLUS SPM again. They missed their homes, I miss the cinema and shopping malls. And I feel as sorrowful and as depressed as them. should lend a helping hand to those who are in need of one namely *Me* like taking me out.

Conclusion: Asking Iggy for help is futile and pointless. Maybe I just have no skill.
Somebody come teach me how lar...

On the other hand....I've a feeling he does not relent to my request cause he don't believe that I'm really depressed. WHY? Just because most of the times I'm a lil loud, outgoing and independent so you think I can don't feel sad one hia? And that I won't need help from guys wan hia? I bet if one of those FRAGILE as porcelain (like if you poke them a bit they would shatter into a zillion pieces) with BIG BIG EYES and voices that are SO SOFT till nearly mute girls asked him he sure say yes without even thinking. *tOooOoOot* Nearly all guys are like this...Wants only girls with LONG STRAIGHTENED hair like dead grass, skin like SK4, skinny as a twig and about as interesting as my sejarah book. Just giggle and whisper all day long. BAH! *rolls eyes*

But in the end no matter what I say its STILL those girls who gets all the good stuff while fun outgoing lil me is expected to be capable in handling herself. NOT FAIR!!! I also want attention as much as them...I also want guys to happily drive me around...I want them to make the DARN DECISIONS and NOT rely on me, heck I want to be able to rely on them NOT the other way round....I want to be treated like a princess like those girls where one small cry of displeasure can send all guys within a 2-mile radius scurrying to please her with candies, drinks, sweet words and umbrellas from the sweltering heat lest her fair skin be burnt to ashes....

I've decided...If you can't beat them, join them...I would straighten my curls till its so limp its can't move, I will go for plastic surgery to enlarge my eyes as HUGE as dinner plates so you will be so mesmerized and will succumb to my every wish, I will bleach my skin till I'm as white as SNOW (Ha! Beat that Michael Jackson), I will sway and act like I'll faint every time I take a step, I will speak in tones no louder than a mouse and giggle cutely at every word you say.

Oh...You're so cute and funny...heehee...Oww thats ticklish...heeheehee...mmm...I feel soooo safe when I'm with you...I LURVVVEEE you...*giggles and blush shyly while looking at him with those huge puppy eyes*"

YES!!!! Goodbye OLD me and start saying hi to the NEW & IMPROVED me...After surgery I will be CUTE!!! I will act so SWEET and DEMURE that every guy would obey my every wish. I will never run out of people to date again. In short I will be just like those silent fragile girls you've always adored.

Nah...Now I got fair skin and BIG BIG eyes thanks to photoshop.

But in the meantime as I DO NOT have that much cash for those surgeries (donations are kindly accepted) I will just have to be content with life and solve my current problem by:

A) Get a driver.

B) Wait patiently for my license.

C) Wish upon a star for a boyfriend with a huge shiny car to drive me around.

Ha! Somebody faster come make my wish come true liao.....=P

***This post is written out of sieness but hey it's partly true...dunno why all guys always go for the same stereotype of girl. (Havin curls and being tan not nice mer)***


'drea said...

lolz...funny larr...
hannah!!! u're gud eyy...=)

fLoReNcE said...

why din call me???
i was out driving for de whole day with no plan.. jx driving around niah..

LeiStEr said...

mwahahaha, i dunno, juz wanna say..I AGREE...Dear shooting star, please let my sis' wish (wish c) come true. TQ...owh and...lemme ride with you too~