Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I am so drained of energy. Every single freaking night I'm plague with dreams. Dreams that makes no sense whatsoever. And EVERY single morning I wake up completely weak and my head feels like African Natives beating bongo drums inside. My entire school day and afternoon is ruined. I can't concentrate, study or do anything productive. In short, I feel like a zombie. No kidding. I've been trying to fake okay-ness at school for so long and I'm cracking under all the exhaustion. This has been going on for months.

I never realize how serious this matter was till now. My daddy told me that the mind is the soul or something like that. With a strong mind, you can accomplish anything. With a great and solid imagination, you can reach your goal. And the first thing that the devil always attack is the mind. Because if your mind is weak, you can't concentrate and would be easily swayed. You would give in easily to they ways of the worlds and from there on, you'll be onto the road to self-destruction. If you take a look around, you would see that ALL the successful people have a strong will. They imagine themselves as successful people with a great career in vivid details and thus manage to stick to their goals by avoiding all the immoral stuff like gambling, drinking and others.

After the talk on the mind with my dad. I suddenly realize that sadly I've been under spiritual attack for the past few months . My grades keeps dropping and I'm mostly too tired to accomplish anything. I start losing enthusiasm serving in the church. And I am ashamed to say that I am so far behind my Bible reading schedule. ='( All because of those lousy energy-draining dreams. I can NEVER have a good night's sleep. Those dreams really means nothing. I don't even know what causes them. They are so nonsensical that I wonder why I am even dreaming about it. it's just a ploy to make me so unfocused the next day.

I need prayers. Lots of them. To stop the evil one from messing with my mind at night. So I can continue serving whole-heartedly and concentrate well on my studies. So to you people out there, if can, could you possibly remember me in your prayers at night? Just a simple one would do. Thanks a lot....


eileen said...

shock?suprise?its me..haha..mayb both of us are not that kind of really really good fren..but here i do wish u al the best and tak things easily and relax more..after reading ur post,i fel very sorry to myself and God..i am also very very far from my bible reading schedule..sigh..anyway,its ok..tonite i wil continue my schedule..thanks for reminding me..haha..May God bless U..

eiLeEnz said...

i'll pray for you..
don worry..
so scary got another hannah n eileen....
~freaked out!~
at first i wuz like.. eee got ppl hack my account har?
thnk god not..
God bless you dear...

Sally said...

Hey... I know wat ur going through.. believe me I'm going through hell.. :) missing people and *someone* that mean alot to me.. someone I could not have..hmm.. I'll include u in my prayer tonight.. hope it helps... Till then, God Bless!!