Friday, September 1, 2006

Merdeka Day

Friday, September 1, 2006

Yay!! National Day. Also translated as 1 week extra holiday *beams*. This is the 2nd time it's held in Kuching so MUST go. Attended last night's celebration with my family and Wen Li.

Suay din bring cam. Nokia sucks. 1.3 Megapixels nia. Paid RM1500 for the phone and this is what I get. Blur pic. Toot Nokia. 2 megapixels also don't want give. Cheapskate.

Got a lot of bikes that night. Lots of bikers too. But all not engdao one. Not like the American satt satt one. This one all fat fat dark dark one. *Yawn*. This bike said Harley Davidson at the side. Hard to believe. Probably fake one from China or Thailand. The Taz thingy very cute. What does he do again? In Looney Tunes I mean. Is he the one chasing Roadrunner?? Hope that stupid bird dies. Not fair it keeps winning. I am wishing for the day it gets eaten up by the villains. *smirks*

The highlights was the fireworks. Quite beautiful. But I love our Chinese New Year ones the best. Chinese more satt. =P Anyway, the fireworks lasted for half an hour. Wanted to take pics but then LAZY. Wanna enjoy watching it live instead of through a camera lense. So now I shall attempt to re-create the fireworks using photoshop hahaha.

I like the star one the best. Maybe it's because there is ACTUALLY a star instead of the usual normal boring circle ones they always play at every single function.

Neh. The boring circle ball firework. But then it comes in many different colours unlike most others. It makes the LOUDEST bang too. =)

The shooting star kinds. Silent but pretty. I wished it worked like a shooting star though. Then I can wish for X to be mine. Hahaha.

Then there is this firework. No bang. No sparks. No burst of energy. Just a trail of glitter. Darn lame. Reminds me of the Windows Media Player's 'Rotating Particle'. Hate that visualization. No vibe one. I like the 'Night Lights' best.

Haha. So thats all. I'm lazy to create more. Yealar, not that nice lar. I know. It's just an example mar. I'm not good at drawing with photoshop. I'm better in picture editing.


wenLi said...

cheese!! :D

Shen said...

1.3 megapixels not bad la haha