Sunday, June 4, 2006

Camp @ Santubong

Sunday, June 4, 2006

I'm still waiting for my friends to send the rest of the Sibu pics over so I guess I'll just blog about my trip to Santubong for the time being. My church held a camp for 3 days there where me, my family and some of my friends attended it.

I wish I had papers like this to stick on those bo kuan people who always simply park their cars

After attending the AYA Camp in Sibu, this camp felt barely interesting relaxing compared to it. This is the first church camp where I got to play snooker/pool for the 1st time. I never realise how much I suck at it till that day. Thinking how easy this game was, I got the cue, held it like a sword and proceeded to viciously *poke* at the cue ball like a musketeer and to my surprise it did NOT move. And....all I heard were sudden bursts of laughter from my friends. Well, HOW WAS I SUPPOSE TO KNOW you had to use your other hand to position your cue??? I always thought you just used the stick to hit the ball.

Before the game...when I could still look "ke si" like can play lidat

Snooker was our sole entertainment and darn expensive it was too. RM 3 per game. I think we wasted like Rm 50++ in one day. Actually the guys pay while I just play hehe (btw thanx, u guys are really sweet)

The real pro....


The beach this time was very clean unlike last time where it was so murky it could pass for a drain. The water was so clear you could see the seabed. Had a lot of fun splashing around in the sea.

See, told you the water was clear

Not to mention the many cute guys present there too =) Sorry Sha, didn't have time to take their photos cuz admiring them is much more important than your request =P. Some people really bo kuan one, sandals also wanna steal. Poor Ivan, put his sandals aside to play football and *poof* its gone. I know its Nike but so what?! It's people that also wanna steal, so no maruah diri one.

Me & my sis

The fun nite this year was so-so only. A few skits were really comical *My group won YaY!!!* but apart from that...*YaWn*...The camp this year wasn't really organised well so didn't learn much at all. Mostly spent my time sleeping, sunbathing, relaxing and playing. Good also...can de-stressed...

Dinner not bad, got lots of stuff to eat. This is really bad. All these camps prevents me from exercising and encourage me to eat & eat. This will NeVeR do....I swear I must resume my work-outs this week. Hmm...I think I better go take a look in the mirror now and see what had become of me...

AhhHHhhHh!!!NoooOOOoooOOOooo!!!!! HELP!!!!


wenLi said...

It'll take more than that to turn u into a "oink oink", K..don't worry too much lah!! HAHAHAHA...still laffing

eiChi said...

O.O''' the sky will drop if u really turn tat fat!! LOL!!