Monday, June 5, 2006


Monday, June 5, 2006

Ah...I'm finally back!!! Home is definitely sweeter than any other places =) It's been weeks till I can finally sleep in my OwN bed haha...

For the past week, I've been attending a camp in Sibu. It was great!! The only sad thing is we had to travel by bus. Again this is my FIRST time travelling by bus. Man, it took us nearly 6 hours to reach Sibu. Nearly died of boredom. We gathered at the bus station at 5.45am and to my amazement the entire station was packed! Is it always like this?? Ha I really sua ba lao, everything also never see before hehe.

Hmm....I wonder what happens to the people who arrived there??? Maybe we should go there next time...Who knows, it could be fun.... it's OUR turn to change you into pontianaks like us.

Wisma Sanyan ( aka Mountain Goat )

For the first two nights we stayed in Sibu town area. Barely had time to go shopping. But we managed to persuade the leaders to let us out. Had to walk on foot for like 20 minutes to reach San Yan. Ha, now I'm sincerely grateful for all those long hours I put in working-out, I think I'll have collapse if I didn't. Turns out their shopping mall got nothing much to offer at all. Didn't buy much. Sooo disappointed =( But I got a lovely free KFC lunch courtesy of Hou Kee hahaha so guess that makes up for the lousy shopping.

I LURVE Sibu Kampua Mee....yUM...its so different from the ones in Kuching. It's thicker, smoother, more bak, and waaaaay tastier. And it's freeee haha cuz somebody chia me. YaY!!

And the Kompia too. Can eat it plain just like that. Crisp & salty outside and soft and buttery inside. Aunty "Angel"line bought us two bags of it for our bus ride back to Kch. I think me & Hou Kee ate 10 each on the way back non-stop while my sis and Khin was asleep hehe, soooo addictive mar, that's why I'm getting fatter now. Hmph!!

Our Angel in Sibu!!! =)

On the 2nd nite we met this girl, Lea who looks a lot like Esther Tham who later introduce us to her mum and cousins. Her mum RoCks!!! Took me, my sis, hou kee and tze khin out for a delicious supper. Now let me see what we had...Salad sotong, Sambal sotong, Jellyfish, Crab and clams, Char mee sua, Char kuay teow, Lamb, Char mee.....Ahhh, the 4 of us were definitely blessed during this entire trip.

Mee Sua and some herbal soup.

This angelic aunty also specially went out to buy a box of mee sua and herbal soup for us to bring back. God is indeed good to us =D. Another one of the cause?? Cuz we love to talk. So talk non-stop to ppl and thats how we made new frens who happens to be some of the very best!!! =D Seeeeee.....talking is good for you lolz.

Ok, ok I know I've been raving on and on about the food in Sibu but really I never expected it to be that good. Totally changed my opinion now. Anyway I promise to blog about the rest of the camp over the week. Too many things to fit into one post. =)

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LiNda said...

hey..i went 2 sibu aso agree with u bout da wisma san yan(not much thing dere), kompia(way nice!)..sibu mmg nice..but da kampua i ate dere..not nice 1..mebe im wrong, ariel said i went 2 da wrong shop...n itz hard 2 find place 2 park ur car.. so kch iz beta!! da Best!!