Friday, May 26, 2006

School Holidays

Friday, May 26, 2006

Ahhh....the END of exams and the BEGINNING of the school holidays~ WOO-HOO!!!! Sweet!

Ok so today we had maths and PJK. PJK in my opinion is a useless subject and should be excluded from all exams. And the bab 4 graphic explanation on self-examinations only pollute your mind =P Anyway today exams not so bad lah, can tahan....all objective questions....which means dunno can just simply tembak lor =)

This is how I go through all my exam papers...

By the way, some people are really sweet lar, actually come up to me early in da mornin to tell me they love my blogs lolz....Lurve u guys =)...hmm so now I'm under pressure to write more interesting blogs to live up to their expectations =P

See what you did....This is what I've become when writing new blogs.

Today is the FIRST time in my ENTIRE school life to dump the rubbish.....yes you heard me right the first FIRST time. Spoilt lil me and Sha ACTUALLY carried the dustbin all the way to the dumpster...forced by Pn. Poh so bopien. What?! you think we would willingly offer to dump the rubbish for you mer??!! Anyway, we had to endure the countless stares and comments during our walk to the dumpster.

Florence: guys dump rubbish mer?? haha

The guys: Wow...u two? dump rubbish? Hahaha *whistles*

Adeline: Wah, so kwai ler you two!!!

( Heck, we were always saintly lil angels =P )

The guys again: *cheers* *whistles* Eh, next time we call you two

"rubbish girls" can lar hor? *laughter*

( Ciken....wait till I find out who actually said that then...*evil grin* )

Others: *pause* *wide-eyed stares* *muttering* No way!!

A lesson for you all: If Hannah & Nasha can do it.....SO CAN U!!! so next time dun hesitate on dumping your class rubbish =D

God made us friends, but Pn. Poh made us rubbish collectors

Well, I won't be blogging next week coz I'll be in Sibu attending a 5-day nationwide Christian youth camp where I can meet some cute guys learn some interesting new stuff. Then I would be back in Kch to go to Santubong to relax and meet more cute guys attend my church's 3-day church camp. So until then, try not to miss me too much yea =P Bye and ~Happy Holidays~


eiChi said...

ooh~ m i really tat sweet~? :p but really lah! ur eng is damn good, n u post interesting stuff. i suggest u to use blogspot better :p coz u can really cuztomize ur blog n make it more interesting :D

eiChi said...

p/s, don forget to read my blog owez too :p

Nasha said...

hi my bestest fren in the whole universe..lalala.. miss me yett? :D my gudness!! i love ur blog!! especially the pic of us being rubbish collectors!! YEAH..GIRL POWER!! .. -_- embarassing being called rubbish girls.the sacrifices we haf to make..ur pics all so satt one!! :D