Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

So I heard from someone's blog that the highest scores for 2006 SPM is 19A1's. SIAO HIA?! What the hell is wrong with us Malaysians? So freakin kiasu for what?! 10 years down the road and what? Take the entire exams in the SPM test booklet izzit?? So you take an amazing 40++ subjects and get all A1's....SO?! You become Bill Gates or Thomas Edison overnight izzit? NO YOU DON'T!!! Who cares if you know both science and accounting or even farming and mechanics? You got how many hands? 1 million ar? Can do every single job in the world at the same time hia? Ever heard of Jack of all trades and master of NONE? My point exactly. You people are siao.

I don't care if you sneer at me and say I'm unworthy of saying such things because I'm not as brilliant as you for taking so many subjects. 20 years down the road and I shall smirk at you and ask you what has become of your fatuous idea when I see you working as the common professional which people with 10A1's can also achieve. Like Faye said, 10A1's for students last time is the absolute limit. So why the toot are we pressured to take so many darn subjects?

Lots of students are still gullible and are deluded into thinking that excellent SPM results mean instant college acceptance. Newsflash! You're WRONG! For your information, foreign universities don't give crap on your stupid SPM results. America don't care for any exams except their SAT and neither does Australia or NZ. Last week, one of my friend called up the university in Aus and they were like "What is SPM? Sorry, but we don't recognize any other exams except ours. By the way, I'll like to suggest you sign up for a 6 month english course." Not only do they not care for our cheap no-standard exam (where the scoring system are capricious and never fixed) but even your Malaysian accent doesn't cut it.

Okay, so you say that all these is for the sake of boosting your chances of getting a scholarship from Malaysia to lighten your parents' financial burden. Well, I have nothing to argue with that because I too think that we should fulfill our filial duties as children. But seriously, 19 subjects??!! Insanity. Since when did tradition change and 10A1's just aren't enough to cut it? And why is it becoming easier and easier to get A1's? Something is seriously wrong with our Malaysian education. Rumors has it that just 8 marks is sufficient to pass Add. Maths. EIGHT marks people....what the toot....thats like saying:

Behold. I'm the next Picasso.

I have the potential you ninny. Look at it's expression...It's a sublime combination of expressions. It could be joyous; shy or even exude a feeling of bewilderment and childlike simplicity. This just shows that I have a certain amount of artistic flair in my blood. How dare you contradict me!? According to our Malaysian standards, if eight marks proves you somewhat knowledgeable in the mathematical field then the picture above would therefore prove me as somewhat artistic don't you agree?

Why exert ourselves to the point of exhaustion just to score as many A's as possible? Is it really worth it? After you get your college degree, let's say from Harvard, would your peers or employer ask you about your bloody SPM results? No. Each achievement would be superseded by the next. So why waste all your time studying for a myriad of subjects to obtain all the extra A's you don't actually need. Imagine people asking you about your youth and all you can say is you attended tuitions after tuitions and spend hours after hours studying. Oh wow! Such fun! What a refreshing life! -rolls eyes-

I'm not saying that we shouldn't study hard for SPM because it won't matter in the future. If that was the case, then we won't need to eat as we'll just get hungry again anyway. You must study hard as you'll get valuable experience during the process but to go overboard and focus all your spare time on your studies is a little extreme. Same like you don't eat every second or you'll be obese. All your youth wasted just to obtain that one scholarship. You have to remember that this is Malaysia where biases are rampant. You don't need 20A1's to obtain a scholarship, you just need 1A or 2B's (anak/bin/binti). Do not quote to me the history of special rights, I know it. It's your right and I'm not complaining. (So don't go and give me some nasty comments. I don't really bother much about this issue) I'm just stating the fact as it is.

I've never regretted taking only 10 subjects for SPM and so what if I fail to get straight A's? To hell with SPM. My chances of obtaining a scholarship is way higher in doing better in my SAT than SPM anyway. What has gone has gone. No amount of worrying can change a thing, just keep looking towards the future. Like heck I'll be saying "Darn! I should have taken 19 subjects last time" when I'm old and grey. The point is, balance is important. Some people I know spend their lives studying only. Like getting a gazillion A's makes them BETTER than you. They think that your lack of subjects indicate your laziness or stupidity. I beg to differ, to me they are nothing but supercilious snobs who has no social skills whatsoever.

Study is important but it's NOT everything. Why can't people just lighten up a little and not take so many darn subjects? For what? A week's of newspaper clippings? A short radio airtime? A fleeting moment of fame that would be forgotten in years to come? You should seriously start reconsidering your priorities in life if that was your goal. SPM isn't that great anyway, the standards are always dropping to help certain minorities unlike other countries where grades are standardize. Just because you scored 19A's does not mean you're a freakin genius. Here, it might simply mean you're a bookworm with zero life or the standard has just gotten lower once again.

Stop obsessing about obtaining more A's can or not?! Just take whatever thats essential can?! Wake up and smell the roses/coffee/teh-c-peng whatever and do something relaxing. Like what those with wisdom always say: "No straight A's isn't the end of the world". It really isn't. If you fail, you just try again. Find your niche in life by doing something other than fretting over your lousy SPM. Just get a life lar.


dominic said...

haha i totally agree with you on this. just wish our parents/teachers/society would stop putting such high importance on "perfection" though...

fitria said...

the girl who took 19 subjects is my friend from Johor. She is kinda pretty too. WE r kinda close. but, she is not a geek like most of the 5J's.. She played and talked and knows to enjoy. it's her mom who asked her to take tat much subjects. poor nadiah. tat is her name

matt said...

i can plan a party. lol.

-eiLeEnZzz- said...

spm is the third most recognised paper in de world...
those aussies only reccomend u for 6 months eng if dey think ur not good enuf..
u can actually sit for a paper n prove urself immediately.

Hubab Al Munzir said...

OK, i agree with what you have to say. you got a point. it's just that your language is too harsh. mind it a bit please.
ya, some people just don't seem to learn from past experience. from what i heard, the pervious top student isn't doing excellent in her studies abroad. so much for the publicity..lol.

Hana said...

@Hubab: which part was too harsh? I think Ive tone done alot frm the past lor. thanks for d comment anyway...how'd u come by my blog anyway too?

Hubab Al Munzir said...

you're first few paragraphs were (i think) i little harsh, and my friends agree.
i was googleing spm 19A1 and came across this blog.

Tina said...

SPM sucks. Does not see the point sitting for that exam. I fully support you for saying SPM is useless.

fitria said...

Ignore those ppl who are unhappy with your blog. It's ur blog, u have the freedom to write what you want. next time, if those ppl bother u again. ask them to see the (x) and just close the window. anyway, SPM really sucks. everything in BM. cant even use the result for international purpose.

-eiLeEnZzz- said...

wanted to say sorry bout de other time..
was kinda pissed...
wanted to say sorry wuite long ago..
but din reli go online like for a reli long time..
nyways....who's daniel wong..?
sounds like...