Monday, March 5, 2007


Monday, March 5, 2007

Just visited the dentist this morning to have my braces tighten. Now I'm in excruciating pain! Can't chew for nuts and am reduced to cabbage soup for meals. I'm freakin hungry right now but there's NOTHING I can do about it. One bite of something solid and the pain is enough to drive me to the brink of insanity. GAHHH! Seriously wishing that I am a cat now so I can viciously bite someone to dull the pain. Really. Don't know how long I'll last with this horrible pain before I snap and start pulverizing my house furnitures to bits. Seriously it HURTS like hell.

I'm so sorry about my somewhat dead blog hor but I'm seriously not in the mood to blog about something light and cheery when I'm oh so ready to maul the next person who dare get on my nerves right now *snarls*

Just read Faye's latest post. How come Kyoya won Best Male Character huh??? I wanted the Hitachiin twins to win! Not fair. I should have voted earlier *grrr*.

I'm sorry to all my readers who are non-anime fans. You just have to put up with all my anime rants. People who watch animes are not people who aren't in touch with reality ok. We watch it for entertainment. It's much better than your sappy english soap operas. We never complain about your chinese 'lian xi ji' so you should just shut up about our animes. How I hate people who call us out of touch when we say a certain anime character is hot or whatever. You never watch before you just shut up. Ever heard of Pokemon? That's an anime too which was later dubbed into english for the world to enjoy.

I cannot stand your stupid 'love love' movies also. Romance is okay but till a limit before it becomes a manic depression. Some are so over where everything must be sooooft and gentle. Even liking upbeat music is a crime and makes you unromantic. (Yes, got someone actually said that before) Pah! Go live in cotton-candy lane or whatever lar.


faye said...

lol you got that right. damn i wish i could dload more stuff but my connection is worse than hani with a toothache. >.> btw kyouya was nominated only, he hasnt won...yet..anyway results are coming out in a few hours time tho....:P to bad the twins werent nominated, i mean i love hikaru to bits lol, but i feel kyou-san had a more in-depth character. ah well.and screw all those people who think anime is crap/for kids/a waste of time/unrealiastic. if we shouldnt watch anime just because its all that then we should all dig a hole and stay there forever. anyway to fitria, air gear is cool art and concept, but thats about it. too fanservice-y for me, though guys would probably love it :P

FiTrIaNoViaNi said...

hey. have u watch "Air Gear" ?? nice anime though. about air trek.. kinda cool. 25 episodes nia. shud watch. haha.

HaraJuku said...

u sure wanna go scoops wit braces? wont it hurt? >.<