Monday, February 26, 2007

CNY & Other Stuff

Monday, February 26, 2007
CNY over more fun liao. Breaking news! I'M OBESE!!!! There are just too many goodies lying around begging me to eat them. I haven't has a proper meal all week. Lunch and dinner consists of leftovers or just an orange or a glass of juice. Very unhealthy, I know. Lazy to cook and parents are always visiting or attending wedding dinners the whole week so of course they aren't hungry.

Like I said, we held an 'open house' during the 2nd day of New Year. The only difference this time is our house is bigger and my dad decided to make do without any 'kang lang'. He say and I quote: "All you need are paper plates and cups! So easy! No problem one." So easy my foot. I spent the entire day in the kitchen washing dishes and cups (in the end we resort to using glasses as paper cups just look so cheap when offered to our guests. So there are stacks or unused cups in our store now); cutting up the lemang in the bamboo and sadly also my finger which I forgot to remove while slicing the stupid bamboo in half; sweeping the floor everytime someone spill something which is like every 20 minutes; entertaining all guests....

By the end of the day, every single bone in my body hurts. SO EXHAUSTING! I shall never scoff at all the moody waiters and waitresses again. If I were them, I would find it hard to smile at some of those patrons who can never make up their mind on what to order too. It feels as if you've just been ran over by a lorry. No. Make that 5 lorries. I have also discover that when your house is bigger and much more comfortable, people do NOT want to leave. We were stuck with guests that stayed for hours. Not like I really mind but they tend to start misplacing their drinks and proceed to get new cups which means TRIPLE the workload for me. EH! Please bear in mind that I now have a cut finger too and it HURTS in water.

Friends. Hmpf. Those who I didn't expect to visit me did and those who PROMISED to drop by never did. The excuses were plenty. Hmph. Some people......I already said 2nd day only as the rest of the other days were spent visiting relatives (I have 80 relatives and no I'm not kidding) and church friends. I didn't snap any pictures cuz like I was too busy playing 'servant' and 'host' till I totally forgot about my camera. I only manage to snap this 3 measly pics:

He is so cute!!!! Cute Cute CUTE!!! I want a babyyyyyyy!!!!

People who I NEVER expected to visit me. Heck, I don't even know them lar! XP
*edit: except for Florence who I know VERY well. Happy liao la hor? hehe*

They are from EBC. One of them is a prefect who annoyed my sister over her beautiful hair for the past month till she wrote a letter of complaint to the headmaster or something. Bet she was surprised to find out that the girl she hated turns out to be my sister haha. Every girl prefect keeps hounding my sis. I know you're jealous of her hair but she didn't dye it platinum blond or some ugly neon colour plus she already wrote a letter to the school authorities so would you just give her a break?! If you're not happy cause she's prettier than you with her hair then quit the prefectorial board and go dye your hair the color of rainbows if that's what makes you happy. You people keep trying to find faults with her ranging from shoes to tie. So like a girl. Not happy cause she won. Don't worry, you won't see her next year liao. She'll be going to the States with me and we vow to come back with shocking hair colors just to irritate you people =P

Flor ate up my entire cotton cheesecake. How come everyone like cheesecake so much? I am so sick of it. Last year alone, I think I had eaten 30 cheesecakes. Even my mom got tired of making it cause the cheesecake she make would be left uneaten in the fridge for weeks. It's delicious mind you but cheesecake to us has become like crackers. Not special anymore. That's my mom problem. Once she started making a new kind of cake she would keep making it again and again till we're sian of it. People loves her cooking and always scold us for not being as enthusiastic as them about her cooking. Say easy. You come live with us for 3 months lar and you'll be as spoilt as us. Every kind of food starts to sound boring and only Korean or Japanese food can excite us.

Still got another group of friends who came. I didn't take any pictures. Sigh.


Ah, one thing I've always wonder about druing CNY. You see the pic above? See the circled goodies? Now tell me WHO eats that??!! Every house I go to have stuff like these. Some even got the green and yellow kana (olive) like thing. Have you ever tried those? IT'S DISGUSTING! Hard and all bitter like. Every house I went to have these but NO ONE ever touches them. The only ones who eats them are those poor innocent souls who didn't know better and thought they're sweets only to spit them out in distaste 3 seconds later. I have also found that we never had to refill those particular goodies. So if I don't eat it and you don't eat it then WHO eats it??? Where does all these leftover wrinkly dried fruits go to after CNY? And if no one's eating them then why buy them at all? Need money to buy one leh. So this is what I shall do in the future....I shall get some clay and shape them into those horrid goodies, paint them hard and display them in my CNY goodies tray. No one would know because like I said, no one eats them anyway. Plus even if they do and it taste horrid....well, no biggie, the real ones taste horrid too. I shall not be accused of wasting food and at the same time the money I save shall be used to buy something tastier like CORNFLAKES COOKIES! I LOVE CORNFLAKES COOKIES!!! Darn yummy!


Naruto Shippuuden has finally come out!!!! WOOTS~ I get to see my beloved Gaara and Itachi. I don't understand why some people still like Sasuke. What's so hot about him? Stupid wimp betrayed his village and sold his body to that gay snake pedophile Orochimaru who reminds me of Michael Jackson in exchange for power just because Naruto got stronger than him. L.A.M.E.

Sasuke. Fine, he looks good here but he's still a wimp in my opinion. Looks aren't everything. Hmph.

His brother is so much more cooler.

Uchiha Itachi. Yes, I know he killed his entire clan and his family (except his lil bro Sasuke which I wonder why) but so what? He's not like Sasuke who's just hell-bent on revenge and just simply wanna kill anything that's stronger than him not to mention that cocky SOB attitude which I hate. Itachi doesn't even bother to kill people unless you absolutely persist to be in his way and all he have to do is open his Sharingan eyes; go "Tsukuyomi" and ta-da - you die. Don't even need to break a sweat. He's so evil till it's actually refreshing =P I mean if you wanna be bad than be bad with style lah. Got difference ok? Mafia bad guys so much more cooler than local ahbengs (nah, ahbengs not cool at all). They just sit in their flashy Porsche and just smirk handsomely while they draw their gun out swiftly and "Bang" -byebye. AhBengs get beer bottles or rusty parangs and chase after their victims drunkenly shouting obscenities nia.

I'm not saying I like Mafia people lar okay. I'm just saying if you wanna compare the coolness factor then the first is more cool. Don't simply jump to conclusion. So about Naruto's part 2 where all the time setting is 2 and a half years in the future. I am so glad that all the fillers has come to an end. Can't believe I actually watched all that crap.


fLoR-MoMok said...

so sad lar che..
u reli duno me??? oi.. x say till lk tad mah.. cos tad time dey was wif mi fellowing my car.. if i forgot u of cox i wouldn drop by ur place liao lar... sniff sniff.. x say my fren till lk tad lar..

Hana said...

hahahahaha! not u lar! Im SO HAPPY u came!!! I meant the rest. since ure d only one i really noe and d rest i hardly know so i say i dunno em as in general lah. not u lah. no worries lolz! dun mean u. sorry =P

fLoR-MoMok said...

but i was in de pics.. n u said all of us.. u should hav say dey r my fren..

Hana said...

okokokok....shall go edit it now =( so saaaaaad u dun believe meeeee *sobs*