Monday, January 1, 2007

Baking Frenzy

Monday, January 1, 2007

Today I shall blog about my baking session with Hou Kee, Alwyin, Diana and another girl whose name I forgot (I suck at remembering chinese names).

We had to cook lunch ourselves. Oh btw, we were at Alywin's house. This is a chicken.

This is Hou Kee chopping up the chicken.

You should see the globs of fat. Like doing liposuction on the chicken.

This is Alywin cooking the chicken.

Final product of the chicken. Delicious.

Haha. Unfortunately for us, Alwyin forget to stir the rice so we have hard yet soggy rice. Plus he was too preoccupied with watching Diana baking and totally forgot about his chicken which resulted in half cooked and half uncooked potatoes. Sigh~

Looks horrible but later you'll see how pretty our cake looks. We should have held the baking session at my place. Alywin's house got totally no baking utensils. I had to drive back home to bring my entire baking utensils, ingredients and spices back to his place.

I've found out that the except for Hou Kee, the rest have no experience in baking. Plus, they won't take our advice on how to make cheesecake. I have never heard of their method in my enitre cheesecake-making life..... But since they so stubborn don't wanna listen then go ahead lar. We decided to split into two groups. Me and Hou Kee one team while the rest into another team.

Their cake:

Me and Hou Kee's cake:

Very pretty right??!! So in your opinion, whose cake is better? *ok, I'm being snobbish here but so what?! They always hao lien their exams marks so now I shall hao lien my baking skills. Hmph.*

Oh, me and Hou Kee made another cake but forgot to take a picture of it. Delicious also. A kind of chocolate cake. I had so much fun. I wanna have baking session again!


shen said...

hannah..dont eat too much cheese cake..
u will get fat ! trust me !

XiAoZhu said...

hahaha nice cakes hannah.. n nice post.. n i agree!! u looked very pretty during prom nite.. haha!