Tuesday, December 5, 2006

My Birthday List

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I am sooooo addicted to that Paris Hilton's new song- "Nothing In This World". Listened to it for 40 times straight and now I'm mindlessly singing da-da-da-da-dada. First time I heard it on radio I thought it was The Veronicas. Till I saw the video clip. PARIS SO HOT! haha. But her songs are so much nicer to listen to compare to nowadays tuneless music like "Ring The Alarm", "Unfaithful" or whatever horrible excuse for music out there. I don't care if you say Paris got no voice. Neither does Britney Spears. For her song style, Paris is doing alright. Hmph, love Paris Hilton =P

Well, since I'll be going off to China tomorrow (for vacation not college toots) I think I shall post a list of things I want for my birthday which is on Dec 18 so you people can have a headstart in buying them hehe.

Toot. I really cannot think of anything I REALLY want. So far I've everything I wanted. This sucks. Must think of something or else later you people *like nasha* shows up with a cicak tail as a gift. Here's a list of all the keh liao things that I want:

1. Pink Nokia 6680 Cover

Ok. This one I mean it. I REALLY WANT THIS COVER!!! If you can find this for me I shall be eternally grateful. This is one thing I want but cant have since I cant find one anywhere. So please get me this hehe.

2. CDs

Yea, maybe you can get me this. Paris is so HOT!!! If not, then buy me Jay Chou's 'November Chopin' MV DVD. Don't have then urm buy me nice instrumental or soft music (not dead slow) for my car.

3. Good Christian Fictions

A nice thick romantic christian novel. Please don't buy me those non-christian ones. I dislike them. Got no plot and no romance. All full of swear words, selfishness, sex, sex and more sex. So sien I tell you. EVERYTIME Nasha brings a novel to school, all I have to do is simply flip one page open and there it is, a page full of explicit details on how they do it. Freakin annoying. I wonder why Nasha can still stand borrowing those sort of books. So you try buying me that and I shall throw you through my basketball hoop and into the pond. Buy me books written by authors such as Janette Oke or Louisa May Alcott. Just head to the nearest christian bookstore like Hidden Treasure or Crossway and find me the thickest sweetest love story.

4. Shoes

girl can never have enough shoes =D So buy me anything as long the heels are 2 inches long or shorter. Don't buy the normal heels one as they are all like 3 inches or more and makes me look like a giant you people look like midgets. I like the wedge sandals above as I don't have one yet. Ha! You will have a hard time finding the right one hehe. I think my size should be around 7 or 8. My advice: Take Nasha with you as her size is about the same as mine.

5. Blouse

I want long sleeves ones like the above. Don't and I say DON'T buy me skimpy clothing like what some people did last year. Unlike most people, I look horrible in skimpy outfits. Somehow I look hotter in long, long sleeves blouses. Don't ask me why but I do. So if you think a certain blouse looks hot, most probably it'll suck on me. Aiyar, if you not sure don't buy. Buy the one exactly like above haha. Size M or L. Don't buy me S. I'm not that skinny.

6. Accessories

Long, dangle earrings. Beautiful shiny hair clips for my soon-to-be-dyed hair. Charm bracelets. Whatever. Pink would be nice...

I've run out of ideas. So amuse me. I'm hoping I'll get something that can actually surprise me. Very sien lar have nearly everything. Makes receiving presents not that fun anymore. Try not to get me soft toys. I don't think I have room in my luggage to chug it all the way to US. *sigh*

Yea. Get me a hot guy like above and I shall be your slave forever. I want a hot korean boyfriend. Haha. Ok I'm being unrealistic here. Fine, get me anything close to it and I'll be happy. Oh and Yun Yew, Rain is SO HOT! You're just jealous =P

Yes I'll be having a party and if you know me well then you're invited. I'll call or msg you people later for confirmation. Okie, have to go pack my bags for China. Darn, gonna get fat again after I lost weight during SPM. HMPH!


nasha said...

issshh i hate cicaks. n i where got read explicit books. so 'kua zhang' one u. rain has small eyes:D like hannah!ooooh no wonder she likes him!WHY does paris hilton's song keep repeating! airhead:p

maya said...

Thx for dropping in at my blog.Heard dat ur birthday is around the corner too,rite?Let me wish u HAPPY BIRTHDAY first.hope dat u'll get all the presents on ur wishlist.pink roz!!!!!!!!

Hana said...

@maya: Thanks!

@sha: Ahem....goooot....not so explicit lar...but still!!!! lolz...nvm, all books are lidat anyway =P